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APA Style Research Paper Format

APA Style Research Paper Format Guidelines

APA Style Research Paper FormatCompleting an American Psychological Association (APA) research paper is a methodical task that requires students to know about the APA style research paper format before starting the project. There are many issues they need to look into while learning about different ways to format the APA essay. It should appear presentable. It should be accurate. Students have limited time to complete the paper. It must meet the guidelines issued by a research guide. A paper has to be interesting and written in a way that can be understood by a great majority of readers interested in the topic. Whenever a paper is to be formatted using the APA style of formatting, many essential parameters need to be included in the paper. Basically, the APA style guide is applied to papers covering social science.

How To Begin

  • Applying an APA format is literally following a set pattern that can be applied to all future assignments once the method is learned and adapted for the initial research paper. It should encourage students to master formatting essentials as an APA style essay is commonly written in both online and offline academic assignments.
  • Some basic guidelines that apply to papers compiled under this system include using a standard A4 white paper with double-spaced text. A font of size 12 in either the Times New Roman or Aerial can be used.
  • The research paper outline APA format should be tackled first, as the outline can be expanded into a complete research paper.
  • Students can apply the APA style research paper format to the title page which appears first in the research paper. A unique factor is the running head which appears at the top right hand corner of the page alongside the page number.
  • The curriculum would specify other guidelines that have to be met during the course of compiling the research paper. These have to be incorporated and would be common to all the pages.

Common Formatting Guidelines

  • In-text citation is the most important part of the APA process where they have specified how another author’s work has to appear in the text. The author’s last name and year of publication appears in the text at the exact location where students want to quote the reference. For example, an in-text citation would appear as Chang (1995) or if there are more than one authors it would appear as Chang, Bernard, & Tom (1995). Students must get this right as it differs slightly for offline and online content.
  • The reference list or bibliography appears at the end of the main discussion. An APA style guide does not recommend endnotes, so students should avoid using them unless specified by the curriculum. The list should have references according to the author’s last name and should appear in alphabetical order. Care should be taken to ensure that these match with in-text citations.
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