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Learn How To Draft An Application Essay

An application essay is usually the first and most important step you would take towards enhancing your student career. Planning for the right program starts with gathering information about it and deciding whether the program is right for you or not. Once you have made the decision, it is time to take action. You prepare an application essay for submission. There are guidelines to follow, which take a bit of time to understand. Each college or business school has its own framework for selecting students for a program. Understanding these basics that must be incorporated into your essay is a must. Here are a few important parameters to consider while writing the admission essay.

  • Opting for a new program is accepted. There are instances when a new program might have been introduced in a business school or college. If you have had previous work experiences and feel the program is right for you, it is quite okay to apply for it. There are some precautions you would have to take. It is quite easy to be complacent about the norms followed in a particular field. Your work experiences might cover the practical aspects of the program to some extent, but the systems established through research and study material would not be easily available to you. It is therefore vital that you do a bit of research yourself before coming to a conclusion about the merits and demerits. The list of points you would like to include in the application essay should be based on extensive research and not just your work experience. Referring to an admission essay sample would help.
  • Working on a college admission essay requires some advanced skills, which include relating the program to your future course of action. For example, you might want to join a program because the college could be located close to where you stay. On completion of the course, you would be in a position to continue further studies, if needed. This would be a valid reason. Also, during research, you may come up with application essay samples that highlight the various reasons for joining a program. Judiciously work on gathering the relevant information from these samples and use them in your essay.
  • Once you have the desired content to include, compile a draft in your own unique style. Assessors would be looking to understand you as a person through the essay. For example, in a university admission essay, you might have to write one or several essays on an assigned topic. You might not have enough experience on the subject, but voicing your opinion is mandatory. Here is where your unique style of writing would demonstrate what you feel about the topic. Through research you would have got a lot of information, but just copying and pasting information would not get you far. A few examples of how you would face a particular situation would go far in establishing your approach is positive.
  • Summarizing the essay into a conclusion is perhaps the most time-consuming. You must be able to relate the conclusion with all the relevant information included in the introduction and body of the essay. The application essay must end on a positive note.