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Climate change essay

Make your climate change essay different form the rest

In the last couple of years there has been increased awareness on the dangers faced by this planet. Drastic changes in weather patterns, extreme climatic, drought and famine seem to be pushing the world over the brink. Much is being done to save the planet from an Armageddon-like future. You could write climate change essay by highlighting some of these changes and effective measures to halt or check the doomsday-like progress.

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Here are some ideas for your climate change essay

  • High rise buildings and the cost to the environment. Everybody today is keen on a home in the heavens. In many developing countries today tall buildings seem to have become the norm for residential apartments. Space constraints have ensured that builders go skyward all the time. You could write an environmental pollution essay on the damages that are caused by these high rise apartment and their associated facilities, to the environment in general. Though most civil contractors aver that they take adequate precautions to avoid pollution, the damages are still quite heavy.
  • Al Gore’s message. You could write your essay on climate change by commenting on the intense debate that Al Gore’s speech, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, generated all over the world. One could not help but feel a tinge of fear at the thought of what our world was hurtling towards. This was not about just one aspect of climate change. It involves pollution at various levels affecting the world very badly. It would be advisable to use a good essay starter to write an essay and impress your reader.
  • Another issue that could be focused on is the benefits of forest regeneration. One could explain the way in which the extensive planting of trees could halt and sometimes even reverse the climate changes that are detrimental to this planet. Make sure you have the right kind of inputs, statistical data, figures and tables to make your essay informative. Get in touch with our essay expert writers to ensure that your essay is a brilliant one.
  • Books and films on climate change. Your essay could be a review or a commentary of the various and books on climate change, done in the last decade. The key to a good essay is to ensure that you put in facts that are verifiable and well documented.

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