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College Application Essay – Tips To Generate Ideas

Writing a college application essay would be effective if you can start your essay with an impressive and eye-catching opening statement and end with an equally compelling closing statement that would force an assessor to take action and give you the college seat you are looking for. The introduction would be the most important statement as it contains the thesis statement. That does not mean you can relax once you have a good headline and opening statement. Remember that it would be one of the most competitive essays you would be writing in your student career. The result would be a bright future for you if you get all the elements in your application essay right.

  • It is important that you include a unique statement at the start of your essay. The statement should be strong that highlights something of essence you have done during your school life or work environment. If you are given a particular topic to write about, spend a lot of time getting the opening statement right by noting down information while researching on the topic. This would encourage readers to go ahead and read your essay. Assessors would also get an inclination of your capabilities.
  • Depending on the topic, you can include quotations and ask questions without giving away answers. Whatever you jot down in your introduction should complement the rest of the essay. For example, in a college admission essay, you would try to highlight the advantage you had by studying at a particular school. You could include quotes from famous personalities that passed out from the school or ask relevant questions that would showcase the school in good light further on in the essay.
  • The common application essay is an integral part of your preparation to get a seat of your choice. A college education can significantly change your life and future.  Your career goals would get a definite direction and the earnings potential increases many times over. In the US alone, more than 1.5 million people in 2008 submitted a common application essay. Many colleges and universities are now adapting this method to get quality students. It also means that you are competing with over 1.5 million other students for admission to a college. Simply put, if you do not perform well, you don’t stand a chance of getting into your favorite college.
  • While preparing for the essay, get hold of the appropriate college admission essay samples. Even if you were to go through the common application process, refer to essay samples from different colleges or universities. Many good ideas can be generated this way. Pay a visit to your school library for the appropriate information on the essay. There is every chance that you would come across the right application essay sample in the library. Once you have found the sample, work on developing the college application essay in your own unique style.
  • It is vital that your essay does not have any sentence structure or grammatical errors. Unless you proofread and edit your essay several times, it is possible to commit glaring mistakes. Lack of content to some extent can be understood by assessors, but errors that show lack of motivation or commitment would not show you in good light. Therefore, spend considerable amount of time on research and proofreading your essay. It might be your gateway to a great college education.