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College Application Essay Examples – Getting Hold Of The Right Ones

College application essay examples provide input and guidance, especially when you do not have a clue about how to go about writing a college application essay. A well-written essay is bound to give you a competitive advantage when completing the application process. It is actually possible to narrow down on the number of topics from a generic list by using the norms of good essay writing. You need to be original and must attempt to create intrigue in the introduction of the essay. Assessors always look for that original application essay that offers a new approach.

There are numerous application essay topics to consider, and the list could be very exhaustive and generic in nature. More importantly, you must prepare for topics that contain the same content. When you prepare yourself in this fashion, the topics actually do not matter. It might vary a bit in the type of language style used. Here are a few examples that are most likely to be included in the list of generic topics, especially for a common application essay.

  • Identify the personal traits that have enabled you to achieve a major goal in your life. The approach to this topic is simple. It concerns only you, so sit down and recollect all the major events in your life. Link it to a personal trait that helped you overcome problems during these events.
  • Make a list of your major achievements and give reasons why you consider them to be an important part of your life.  You may notice this topic is very similar to the above topic, but the slight deviation forms a sub topic. You may find many such sub topics arising from a main topic.
  • What was the most difficult period in your life and how did it change your perspective towards education and life in general? Again, you need to recollect a life-defining moment and work on it to establish the connection between your outlook towards life before and after the event.
  • How you rate yourself in terms of distinguishing skills. You may have to list out qualities that set you apart from others either in terms of inherent or acquired skills.
  • What sort of books are you fond of reading? Do you like works of art or movies and what sort of a role do they play in your life? These are hobby questions that you should attempt to answer only if you are genuinely interested in them. Any of these topics need preparation on your part. Research well and show that you are well informed about the topic you choose. You must sound positive and must come across like an expert.
  • Community service and sports or other extra-curricular activities complete the generic list of topics. Before you start writing the essay, refer to an application essay sample on the same topic you have chosen. Make a list of ideas you could include in your essay. Use the style of writing if you like it, though writing in your own original style would speak volumes of your commitment and aptitude.
  • Try and write in a flowing style with simple vocabulary. A provocative thesis statement would attract many readers to your essay. You can always arrive at the appropriate college application essay examples if you follow the principles shown.