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Common Application Essay – Your Gateway To A Bright Future

A common application essay is the most important step you would take to get into college. If its higher education you are looking for, the common application will open doors to many colleges that are members of a common guild that have accepted a standard format to seek out students of merit. Your favorite college might be listed, so you can imagine how vital it is for you to prepare well for the essay. Here are some guidelines you could adapt to be competitive.

  • Pay attention to details. Once you have completed the admission essay, you have to post it online. This is a one-time process, so you have to be absolutely sure about the contents of the essay. For example, the essay might have to be written in 250 words as per the guidelines issued to you. There is a tendency to write essays in parts. So make sure you do not post only part of your essay, say 100 words or a paragraph less into the text portion of the online application. Once you complete the process, the same common application essay would be accessed by all the colleges. You might get a change to edit online, if you have realized the mistake in time. The only other option left would be to send the revised essay by FedEx to the Admissions Officer.
  • Use the “School Forms” section of the application effectively. When you apply online, you are required to enter the name of your school last attended. Once this is filled up, you have the access to the “School Forms” section. You would be adding the name of a teacher or counselor here. It is therefore important that you discuss this aspect with the counselor in advance. The college application essay process involves getting information from teachers and counselors who have interacted with you in the school environment. This process works to your advantage as counselors would have a balanced view about you and could highlight your strengths better.
  • Preparation should be complete. Colleges and universities evaluate students using a selection process that includes subjective as well as objective elements. For example, they might ask for recommendations or your viewpoints on the environment provided in college campuses. The application essay topics might include personal statements or may be focused on random general topics. As part of the guild, colleges have to fulfill this important criterion. So check out an application essay sample that highlights the type of essays you would be preparing for.
  • The online website that accepts the application essay has a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section that would be of assistance to you in case you run into technical difficulties. Even in the normal course of completing the essay, it would be advisable to go through the several FAQs to get a better idea of the requirements to be fulfilled. You could sit with your counselor and go through this section to get a better understanding of it.

Completing the common application essay is absolutely essential to get admission to a college listed with the consortium. If you follow the procedure with care and take the time to prepare well, your chances of getting admission to a good college is really very bright.