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Comparative Essay Format – Design To Treat Similarities

A comparative essay format should employ a comparison mode where similarities or differences are compared. This is an interesting format, and the writer has the easy task of noting down similarities and differences between two objects or situations being compared. There are different ways to treat topics based on comparison between people or theories. Attributes like characteristics, reasoning, or appearance can form the basis of comparison. The format can be prepared considering your personal viewpoints on the topic.

  • While writing on comparative essay topics, a writer should note down both the similarities and dissimilarities and create a format based on presenting them in a logical order. For example, if the color or two objects is considered, then both the comparisons should be made at the same time in order. The next characteristic to be compared would similarly follow for both the objects. This creates a symmetry that can be easily understood by readers. Physical attributes should be listed first, followed by more complex theories.
  • You need to prepare a comparative essay format with an introduction that has a thesis statement briefly explaining about people, situations, or objects to be compared. This format allows you to write a compelling opening statement which readers would read first. If your opening statement offers almost complete information about what is to follow next, readers would be interested in reading further.
  • The conclusion is also important, as readers would scan through the lengthy body of an essay but would be curious to know how the essay ended to form their own opinion. The essay would be more interesting, if you could use numbers or bullets to elaborate each point or characteristic in the body of the essay. To get ideas while preparing a comparative essay outline, you need to refer to other comparative essays on the same topic. The points listed out should help you generate your own ideas.
  • It is easy to make mistakes while comparing two objects or theories. If there are no similarities or dissimilarities, the topic you have chosen is not appropriate. Ideally, choose a current topic that includes comparisons to be made. You could use unique characteristics not generally discussed or written about.
  • A format based on the theory that only similarities or dissimilarities would be listed is not a correct format. You always need to mention both in context within a comparative essay. Presentation is important for easy reading, and the essay should be written in a unique personal style with passion. You could make it interesting by using unique comparisons, though the essay demands precision and a logical approach. For example, a comparison between two species of animals would make interesting reading if you could include pictures of their habitats, especially if it is unusual.
  • Try not to write lengthy and descriptive essays. Be concise and use ideas in short sentences compiled within an easy-to-read sentence structure. Follow up each point made with short examples that clarify your point of view. The comparative essay format should follow a successful standard format you have prepared for all such essays. This would give you confidence as well as motivate you to write unique and informative essays.