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Comparative Essay Outline – The Ideal Way to Save Time

A guideline for comparative essay outline

Comparative essays are based on comparison of two or more views, persons or events. Here you can compare advantages or disadvantages of particular subjects and provide your position pro or against the subjects. You can also write comparative essay on a single subject by comparing its distinctive features. Comparative essays are unique in almost every manner. One of the distinctive features of comparative essays is that the topic is a combination of two topics. Thus one of the main difficulties of comparative essay writing is in combining and clear presenting of the data of both topics.

As far as you know, every essay has predetermined structure and nature of this structure is stiff. You cannot strike the balance in changing format of any part of the essay. That is why you have to use outline for the purpose of simplifying your work – preparing an outline is the first step towards writing a great essay.

The various elements of a comparative essay outline

First and foremost you should determine the main purpose of your essay. The most appropriate comparative essay outline for your essay would be one that hits the spot of main objective of your assignment and introduces the topic in a most comprehensible way. In general, there are two types of comparative essay outline:

  • First involves method of categorization. In this type of an outline you have to use tables or lists in order to present your categories. This kind of outline is easy to prepare and to follow.
  • Second involves usual method of comparison. Here you can base the main body of the text on comparison factors (hence you will have to include each aspect of comparison in a separate paragraph) or on the topics (this structure requires the description of one topic in one paragraph and the other topic in other paragraph and the third paragraph should include the comparative analysis of both topics)

Well-written comparative essay outline can give you a clear notion about the process of writing a comparative essay and will serve as a great help when you have not much free time to write an essay.

  • Firstly you have to choose the most appropriate comparative essay topic.
  • Then you have to select the most suitable comparative essay format and stick to it. Essay format should include introductory part with strong thesis statement, main body of the essay and a conclusion.
  • Take into consideration that your essay should be of scientific significance. You should make a list of all benefits and limitations of the subject and establish the right balance to prove your point.
  • You have to make a thorough research for writing term papers. Comparative essay outline helps you to continue writing about comparison points in the most appropriate order and that will help you to understand the subject better.

Comparative essay outline writing assistance

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