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Comparative Essay Topics That Make Interesting Reading

Comparative essay topics can easily establish a connection between two or more objects, people, or events in terms of similarities or differences. One can compare advantages or disadvantages, change in applications, efficiency of use, appearance, and other details. A comparative essay could be written for any topic including mathematics and communication. It is one of the easiest ways to express a point of view, and readers can easily identify with a well compiled essay with examples that show comparison between two elements. You can choose any topic, but elements should be compared for similarities as well as dissimilarities.

Compare and contrast essay topics should have similar and contrasting characteristics. Only then will it establish a stronger connection between what is being compared. For example, one can identify with a comparison between a cat and mouse, but you would not like to compare a cat with a house. This aspect of comparison should be clear.

A comparative essay can be used to discuss about animals, books, events, and even war. For example, essay writing becomes easy if you were to compare the strategies used by USA against terrorist organizations in Afghanistan. You could compare personalities on either side and discuss about their ideologies. Weapons used and adaptation to climate and food can be discussed. In fact, you can maintain a daily dairy comparing certain elements you have chosen to highlight.

Research papers take a great deal of time to complete. You may have limitations in terms of time and the amount of pages to be covered for a topic. When you use comparisons, it becomes easy to regulate the number of words and also helps readers keep in touch with the topic. Formatting becomes easy. You can prepare it in advance and use it when necessary. The comparative essay outline remains the same while incorporating ready-made charts. You can enter your inputs into the chart as required.

A particular mindset is required to be able to make comparison between two objects, people, or events. We do compare appliances we have with something we see for the first time. It comes naturally to us. We need to use this mindset for all important events or decisions we make. For example, if you had a choice to join a college in your own country or abroad, a comparison would be natural. First, you would list out effectiveness of the program and importance to your career. You could base your decision on similarities or dissimilarities between these attributes. Complex issues can be compared like pursuing a career in the same country you choose to study, etc.

Essay writing is easy if you choose topics that offer enough scope for making comparisons. There might be some limitations imposed on you within a curriculum, but that should not affect your writing skills. It is just a matter of practicing and developing a mindset to make comparisons. Follow the basic rule of combining similarities and dissimilarities to avoid a disjointed essay. Use the guidelines given to you by your teachers, improve on your writing skills, and you would be able to come up with great comparative essay topics.