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How To Write A Compare And Contrast Essay Paragraph

A compare and contrast essay paragraph has to be written with a fixed purpose in mind. It is meant to highlight the thesis statement with the help of a compare and contrast essay format while choosing between two objects, events, or people. The first paragraph would invariably be the introduction, followed by the body of the paragraph in several paragraphs, and then a short conclusion in a single paragraph. The following points would demonstrate how to write paragraphs that are compelling and serve the purpose.

  • The format of your essay is established in the introduction itself. It holds the thesis statement, which would talk about the two elements. At this stage, you could introduce arguments into the introduction. These would then be elaborated upon in the body of the essay. Make the introduction magnetic enough to attract readers. For example, you could choose a controversial event that took place in your neighborhood. This event would have two sides of the story. You would have to identify the two elements that might seem similar but hold different viewpoints. This would be inferred from the event or chain of events. This might seem difficult, but with a bit of practice, you would be able to identify the elements correctly every time.
  • As is evident, a compare and contrast essay has to have a compelling topic that would hold the interest of readers. The topics could be given by your tutors, in which case, you would not have to spend time looking for it. Sometimes, the assignment would demand that you complete the essay in total. In such cases, the ideal way to look for the right topics would be to go through compare and contrast essays over the internet. There are websites including forums that would provide you ready essays for reference. Go through several essays. It would provide you the guidance you need.
  • Compiling a compare and contrast essay outline is easy as arguments to support or oppose the thesis statement can be formed out of a good topic. The viewpoints, both in support or contradictory, should be able to establish a rational viewpoint across the essay, consistently connecting to the thesis statement. The format should contain the standards as specified by the curriculum. It becomes a simple task once you have selected good compare and contrast essay topics. Include the points within the outline and ensure that it is free of grammatical error. The sentence structure should be free of logical errors.
  • A compare and contrast essay format though established in the introduction itself should be consistent throughout the essay. For example, if you ensure that repetitive tasks like limits on the number of words to be included in the paragraph is determined in advance, writing the essay itself would take less time. The format should include the font size, type, and color as described in the instructions. Always maintain a good presentation to impress readers. Everyone likes to read a well-formatted essay. Practice the way you write compare and contrast paragraphs to fit the format you have created, and you would have an easy task in your hand of writing essays on any topic.