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Discovering Useful Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Compare and contrast essay topics are basically about topics which two components that are compared with each other. The topics you select could have similar or contrasting characteristics. It does not really matter. What matters though is how you present information across to readers about your point of view when you compare two objects, events, or even people. One can easily identify with a comparison between cats and dogs. Academic writing would offer many more interesting topics you could write about.

  • Every day we face situations where we need to make comparisons before deciding. For example, you are on the verge or completing your schooling and want to join college. You are suddenly faced with a dilemma about which college to join. You might have had a particular university in mind, but the situation might have changed. Compare and contrast essays might show new colleges and universities more appropriate in catering to your needs. You make a comparative study of options open to you against probably universities you could join. This is a very practical way of solving an immediate problem.
  • A comparative essay might choose to start a discussion on books, places, people, objects, just about anything which can be compared to another similar or contrasting component or idea. If you were to write custom written essays on the political background existing in Germany and Britain during World War II, you could compare war heroes on either side of the border. You could talk about movies made on specific events. The list is endless.
  • Without getting carried away, you have to ensure that guidelines given to you by teachers are followed. A list of topics might have been given to you in your curriculum. If you have no choice in the matter, choose a topic which would offer you enough scope to write upon. The idea should be to compare and contrast simultaneously on two different components. Do not try to write about each component separately. This could lead to a disjointed essay.
  • On selecting a topic you are confident about, refer to examples of good essays. An easy way of doing this is to type in your topic description or phrase into a search engine over the internet, and you would get quite a few examples related to the topic. Go through descriptions of both components in your topic and check out if you can find similarities or dissimilarities between them. Elaborate on them when you do find it.
  • Another useful way of looking at such topics is to identify cause and effect essay topics. For example, you might have to perform an experiment in the laboratory and you are asked to use different catalysts for the same experiment. The results would be different. Your observations would lead to a topic you could write upon. In this case, you could compare the results when different catalysts were used.
  • Literature provides ample scope to write comparative essays. You can compare characters in a play. You can compare two poets who have written on the rain in UK. Literary works can be used for comparison if you have to write lengthy dissertations. Just put you mind to it. Spend some time going over guidelines given to you by tutors, and you would have no problems at all coming up with great compare and contrast essay topics.