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Definition Essay Topics

Definition essay topics can be centered around defining terms like glass and tree or abstract subjects like humor and fear. Though both may have definitions in just a line or two, abstract terms can use examples, quotations, reference information and even stories to help understand them. A definition essay would be written to understand a writer’s a point of view. It can vary as per the interpretation presented. More often than not, it comes down to what one understands about a topic and how they can convince others to agree to their viewpoint through an essay. Students have to consider the criteria that readers would be informed of a topic they may or may not know about. It has to be well-researched information that leaves little room for doubt though students can choose controversial essay topics to attract more readers. Lastly, examples and pictures to support viewpoints can be added to enhance understanding. Students have several options when it comes to choosing the right topic.

An essay would have to be completed in around 500 words unless specified otherwise. Students should therefore choose descriptive essay topics that help in presenting their viewpoint. The purpose of writing a definition essay is to elaborate on a term or topic. They must remember not to deviate from it by including information that needs further reference. Each point has to be centered around the essay statement, which would include the term or topic to be defined. Definition essay topics provide scope to understand definitions of various complex topics. Students can then interpret it to their audience. In such cases, there is no room for error on the part of writers. They can explain a topic by using the essay structure or an analysis. To help students choose the right topics, here is a list for them to consider.

  • Compare a St. Bernard to other dogs
  • Teenage abortion
  • Acupuncture as a form of successful alternate medicine
  • Domestic violence in society
  • Genetic Science and its role in eradicating disease
  • The Black Hole and is Earth in danger of being swallowed by it
  • Tension and overeating go hand in hand
  • Heart Attack in the 21st Century
  • Internet and its role in online marketing
  • The death penalty does not serve its purpose in the 21st Century
  • Global warming and the ecological balance
  • Health Care Reforms should be amended to provide free medical aid to all
  • Freedom of speech and its effects
  • The role of censorship over the internet
  • Homeopathy and its effectiveness in curing chronic diseases

These are some topics students could consider. They may seem just like any other topic, but all these topics contain terms that need to be defined for the benefit of readers. Some are complex topics that need several reference points to be included like anecdotes, essay examples, quotations, and established scientific facts. Students must start by presenting their viewpoints on what these terms mean in the introduction itself. The body and conclusion would only help in expanding on the definition essay topics further and presenting easy-to-understand support information.