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Domestic Violence Essay

Your Domestic Violence Essay could focus on the causes of this social malaise

Growing up in an atmosphere of constant warring and abuse, could have a very disastrous effect on the psyches of all the members of a family. In fact, it would affect all those who come into contact with a family that lives in these conditions. There are many families where domestic violence has become a way of life. There is very little anybody is able to do to stop what is going on. You could write a domestic violence essay which could examine the various causes of this terrible social ill.

Causes of domestic violence

  • Job issue - People’s jobs are being ‘Bangalored’. In other words, jobs are being outsourced to countries such as India and China. Bangalore is one such city that has the dubious distinction of being the capital of the outsourcing industry. If you are using this as a topic, make sure that you have a good essay thesis statement in place in your intro.
  • Economic conditions – the present recession causes a sense of frustration that is difficult to get over. One keeps on hearing about the foreclosures and terrible things that happen to people who have been hit by the recessive trends in world economy in the last two years. It is indeed difficult for a family to make ends meet, when there is very little money coming in. It is this unsure environment that could spark off arguments leading to a high level of domestic violence. Explore this in your domestic violence essay.
  • The early socialization of individuals – where the male is dominant. In many countries, it is only the word of the males of the family that is taken into consideration. Any utterances made by the female members of the family account for nothing. Acts of domestic violence in these kinds of situations could be to exert and ensure that this authority is never questioned. Your essay could explore the idea and examine whether this happens only in underdeveloped countries. In fact it would be a good essay on discipline that you could write with domestic violence in focus as well.
  • Family businesses and squabbles – there are many businesses that are completely owned by a family. Uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters and a host of other relatives are involved in the family business and there is no way you can separate the family from the firm. This is something that could lead to a lot of tensions too. Domestic violence would then be the next step. There could be cases of newlywed wives who are unable to understand the kind of bond that exists between her husband and his siblings. If she were to protest, the reactions could be violent. Use our essay writing help to understand this issue and also bring in the right kind of examples. could explain the cause and effect relationship of domestic violence in a good domestic violence essay, depending on the academic level you are in. Give us a call and see how well writers are able to cope with your requests.

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