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Environmental pollution essay

Think of these six topics for your environmental pollution essay

Though there are hundreds of topics that you could think of for your environmental pollution essay, it would be a good idea if you could look at the seven topics or ideas that we have presented below. These are some of the most pressing problems that are facing the world today. In fact, these are issues that need to be understood by every one of us if we want things to improve. Remaining aloof from these issues is not going to help in any way.

It is also highly probable that most of us think that it is not possible for us to solve the earth’s pollution problem. Little do we realize that every mite counts; we can do our bit to save this planet and ensure that it remains green for posterity. You might think that your water pollution essay is not going to help anybody in particular. You don’t realize that if you ask a firm like to help you become an essay expert, your essay is sure to make an impact. Therefore, instead of looking through the whole internet with a fine-toothed comb or in other words,an essay finder, just give us a call. can ensure that the work is done on a priority basis.

6 ideas or topics for your environmental pollution essay. Please note that all these pollutions are manmade. It is also referred to as anthropogenic effects on the environment

  • Intensive farming practices. When farming includes the use of dangerous pesticides and toxic chemicals, it leads to the degradation of the soil and the farming produce too in the long run. Your essay could focus on the practices that are detrimental to the environment and suggest sustainable agriculture practices.
  • Extensive urbanization. This is the result of unchecked and unplanned population growth, where the urban area extends very close to the forest. This causes cases of man-animal conflict – eg. Problems with elephants, leopards and other wild animals.
  • Climate change. This is probably the most widely talked about phenomenon in recent times. One cannot pinpoint one main factor that has brought about climate change. Explore the various causes and suggest some workable solutions.
  • Ozone depletion. There are holes in the ozone layer – this is difficult to imagine as there is really nothing that we can see. The use of CFC or chlorofluorocarbons and way in which they permeate the atmosphere could be studied in your essay.
  • Exploiting natural resources. There are very few natural resources that can be replenished. Excessive use of these resources makes this planet an impoverished place to live in.
  • Environmental pollution – air, water and soil. This is a common topic, but you could find an issue that is new and bring in your fresh inputs to make a point or two. Take our help to ensure the quality of your essay.

These six ideas are just the tip of the iceberg where environmental pollution is concerned. Take our expert help to write an illuminating environmental pollution essay and see your grades soar.