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Essay On Mental Health

An essay on mental health can talk about developments that have taken place in recent times to diagnose and cure mental illnesses. Mental health is necessary for a person to progress and interact normally with people. Illnesses affecting the mind can occur in different forms, and often people do not know how to deal with it. Several doubts start creeping in about what to do when faced with mental disorders. An essay writing exercise would establish that knowledge is required about the various disorders to dispel fears about the consequences of taking action. It helps to know that all mental illnesses can be cured.

Psychiatric disorders are often visible and should be treated as soon as possible. There are various factors suggesting that a system should be in place to educate and treat the ever-increasing number of mental patients. Disorders need to be treated like any other physical illness. A system should be o place for a particular ailment. For example, a health studies and nursing essay would be able to highlight the message wants to project. In 1994, a Canada-Japan Mental Health Exchange program was initiated where Canadian doctors visited Japanese nursing homes and stayed with the psychiatric patients for a week. They were surprised to know that the average stay of a patient with schizophrenia in a psychiatric hospital extended to four years. In Canada, the same patient would have been in hospital for just four weeks. Further treatment would be offered as an outpatient. There was a system in place that worked in Canada and needed to be implemented elsewhere.

Many people hesitate to seek medical attention because of the stigma attached to the illness. They fear they would be looked down upon and ridiculed. It is therefore important that research paper with information reaches as many people as possible to avoid misconceptions as well as the tendency to deny mental illness. For example, mental illness has nothing to do with intelligence. An intelligent person stands the same chances of getting a psychiatric disorder as one with less intelligence. An essay on mental health should also highlight that mental illness cannot be categorized as a single disorder. The various types of mental disorders include schizophrenia, anxiety, personality disorders, depression, and eating disorders among others.

Problems can occur at any time and has to be faced head on. It is possible to get depressed temporarily, especially when it becomes difficult to solve a problem. The most common symptoms are self-blame and a feeling of worthlessness. A medical & health essay can contain examples of cases where people who have shown sadness and disappointment over failures went on to develop mental disorders. Negative feelings are normal in people. The problem occurs when visible and obvious signs are neglected. The negative feelings start growing in an individual and finally lead to a disorder. Depression becomes an illness when all these negative symptoms become severe and persist for several weeks. It then begins to interfere in normal life and affects relationships both at work and at home. An essay on mental health can go a long way in educating the masses about the dangers that exist in neglecting mental illnesses.