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Essay On Teacher

Writing An Essay On Teacher

An essay on teachers is a welcome exercise for students who want to give credit to teachers for all the support and guidance they have received from them. Essay On TeacherThe exercise can begin by making notes of the good work teachers have done for them. It could be in the form of special guidance they have offered during the vacation period or just being there when needed. Some students have favorite teachers who have impressed their tender minds with a wealth of knowledge that has left an indelible mark on them. Others would remember them for molding their thinking process over the years. Teachers have invariably contributed to the success of their students in some way or the other.

Exercise Corrections That Leave Their Mark

The purpose of writing an academic essay is to submit it for assessment. In school it is done by teachers. Every student has had remarks on different subjects jotted in red by their teacher. The method of correction is universal and presents a method of imparting information to students. An exercise full of red marks would indicate that a student needs to improve. It would also indicate that there is need for them to thank their teachers for having taken the trouble to meticulously correct the papers. Students hate when they find too many red marks in their papers. They instantly show resentment by making some corrections while pretending not to understand what is being said. When they actually see the light and are able to present papers without much correction, they realize how important their teachers have been in getting them there. An essay on teachers should be able to give credit to them by mentioning this aspect of teaching.

Teachers Are Also Student Guides Outside School

Academic writing is a pleasure when the topic being attempted is easy to write about. Teachers are involved in dealing with students for almost half a day. This happens day in and day out for 10 to 12 years. Teachers and students get used to each other. After the initial hesitancy, it is likely that they understand each other well to the extent that students depend on them for advice of many matters besides studies. Teachers get involved in guiding them in sports, elocution, and other extracurricular activities. Both groups get involved in team events or preparing for the annual day. A close bond is established which stays with them long after students have passed out from school.

Experience and Wisdom Is An Effective Teacher’s Asset

An education essay compels students to focus on knowledge-based information. The essay can be extremely informative if they digest information imparted by teachers in class. Some are fast learners while others depend on their teachers to guide them. The level of expertise that teachers impart through their experience and wisdom is tremendous, especially when students are willing to learn. This is another aspect in which teachers excel. They have the experience to create a congenial atmosphere in which students can excel. An essay on teachers should mention such important contributions made by them.