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Essay cheats

Find out how you can identify essay cheats online

There are many online writing firms that claim to give you every imaginable service in the writing field. From suggesting topics to writing the essay and proofreading it, they are prepared to do everything at a particular sum. You would think that everything is quite straightforward and go ahead and order a piece from them. You will realize they are essay cheats only when you check out the stuff that you got.

Our organization, is an online firm that specializes in writing services. Though our main focus is on providing the right kind of services, we are very keen on creating awareness about online frauds as well. This is because we are able to see the vast numbers of students who get taken in and cheated by unscrupulous elements online. This is a serious offence; but unfortunately, many people get away with it. In order to ensure that students like you are more watchful, we have provided a few simple checks for you to use while opting for online writing services. For integrity is an important and integral part of our operations.

Here are the points that you could use to check whether a firm is genuine or not

  • Plagiarism issues
    In today’s technologically advanced world, checking for plagiarism is quite easy. There are quite a few free software programs that one can use to check any kind of writing. When you accept an essay or a term paper, run it through the software – if there is plagiarism, you have been used by one of the essay cheats online.
  • Cost per page of writing
    Do not think that you have got a very good bargain if you have just paid less than five dollars a page of writing. Just take a minute to think – if you need quality work, you need to pay for it. If there is a company that is helping you write your divorce essay for $3 a page, it means they are paying even less to their writers. What would the capability of the writer be then? So, think before you pay.
  • Formatting of the paper
    Thanks to the services of firms like ours, most of you are aware of the right kind of format for your MLA or APA paper. It would therefore be easier for you to go through the paper to find out whether the rules of formatting have been observed. If the writing has been done by an essay expert, it will be apparent.
  • Quality of writing
    This is also a very good indicator of the kind of firm you are dealing with. As you go through the essay, you will find there are not only mistakes in grammar and spelling, but in the presentation as well. This would convince you that you cannot use the firm for a grad school essay or any other writing job, for that matter.

So check out our services and ensure that you get quality essays on time. We have nothing to do with essay cheats and we would be glad if you have nothing to do with them either!