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Essay on Diwali

Help your reader experience the joy of an Indian festival through your essay on Diwali

If there is one festival that creates a lot of joy, light and a feeling of camaraderie all round, it is the Indian festival of light – Diwali. It is called Deepavali in some parts of India. The word ‘deepam’ in an Indian language refers to a light that is a source of illumination all over. could suggest a few topics that could allow your reader to be transported to a totally different country to enjoy the festive spirit of this festival. Your essay on Diwali could truly help spark this spirit, provided you are able to put info across in an illuminating way.

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Here are some ideas for your essay on Diwali

  • You could write about the origins of this great Hindu festival. There are various versions in India and practically every state has its own beliefs and stories where Diwali is concerned. Some believe that it is a celebration of the victory of one of the Gods over the demonic powers of a very powerful fiend. Others celebrate it as a festival of lights that signifies an offering or dedication to a goddess. Get in touch with us for more info on this festival to make your essay more enjoyable.
  • Writing about the traditional practices that are observed during this festival, is also another good idea for your essay. For instance, in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the practice is to wake up very early in the morning and have an oil-bath. This is a ritual where the eldest female member of the house warms up oil and then anoints each of the other members of the family. A bath follows; you then wear new clothes and go out to burst a few fire-crackers. All this is done at the break of dawn. A rich vegetarian feast follows in most households.
  • The significance of bursting loud fire-crackers is yet another topic you could write about. The idea is to frighten away evil spirits and celebrate the victory of good over evil. In recent days, people are worried about the resulting air pollution and hence try to stop the practice.

These are a few ideas you could use in your essay on Diwali. If you are a high school student, we could give you a few simple ideas and topics to put in. If you are at a higher academic level, we could provide you with some research on the various social customs that Diwali involves in different parts of India.