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GMAT Essay

GMAT Essay Analysis

A GMAT essay is part of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) in mathematics and the English language to assess the aptitude of students wanting to start graduate business studies. GMATThe graduate admission essay test basically tests verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing skills of students. The essay section is the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section of the test. Students are required to complete two essays; the first is an analysis of an argument, while the second is the analysis of an issue. Total time allocated is 30 minutes for each essay. Scoring is done on a scale of zero to six. Software is used in addition to human readers or assessors in evaluating the test. In each section, students would compile the essay in response to a specific essay question presented. The response would be entered and logged into an inbuilt word processor.

Practical Tips About The Inbuilt GMAT Essay Software

The functions are the same as any other word processor except for some distinct changes. Students must be aware that certain key functions like the “Tab” key have been disabled. One is not allowed to go the beginning of a paragraph or document. It is possible to use the mouse for editing functions such as copy, paste, and undo. The word processor has its limitations such as there are no bold, italics, or underline keys. Candidates are allowed to scroll once around 10 lines are keyed in. A useful tip would be to go through the tutorial presented before the test several times before attempting the graduate essay test.

The GMAT Scoring Pattern

As you can imagine, there are thousands of applications received day in and day out. The posted GMAT essays would be stored at a secure central location. Readers are then allotted to score the essays. Readers consisting of university lecturers or professors check each essay independently. No other member evaluates the essay once a reader submits it. The essays are basically checked for content, language, organization, and grammar. Content is checked by readers, while other aspects like grammar, syntax, diction, and word usage is checked by software called the E-rater or IntelliMetric. It is important to note that the AWA score for graduate school essays is the average of the issue and argument essay scores. The calculation is a bit complex but for practical purposes, a 5.5 score would be a 77% and a rounded 6.0 would be 91%, which would then be added to the total score.

Necessary Preparations Before The Test

A list of 200 distinct argument and issue questions each is available on the official GMAT website for free download. Students should be aware that they would be presented a randomly-selected essay from among the 200 listed for each section. They need not get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of preparation needed. is a leader in the area of academic writing. Candidates can select the essay questions they need help with and hire a dedicated writer through their online portal. Once they understand how a GMAT essay is to be formatted and presented, subsequent essays can be styled in the same manner.