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Achieving Success With Your Graduate Admission Essay

Writing a graduate admission essay is a daunting exercise you must complete to get admission to your favorite school or college. Assessors have to go through countless paperwork consisting of grade point average (GPA) and sometimes the graduate record examination (GRE) scores. The scores sheets are faceless and do not show them the true quality of the candidate. The admission essay you write is therefore a good way of assessing a student seeking admission.

  • The university admission essay is sometimes referred to as the personal statement, which most students find challenging to write. You need to understand that it is a way for you to directly communicate with the selection committee. This is your golden opportunity to showcase your talent and prove that you are indeed a deserving candidate for admission. Writing an admission essay is a tedious process that would require your entire attention. It would include research, understanding the approach needed to write a compelling essay, and loads of imagination.
  • A personal statement would start with self assessment. You need to sit down and consider what to include in the essay. Areas to look at would be earlier completed projects, jobs you have taken up, hobbies, habits that highlight the positive side of you, and people you met that have influenced or motivated you. Try and connect your academic with extracurricular achievements. Make a list of things you have achieved that can be added to the college admission essay.
  • Confidence is the key. Always try to establish a balance between your positive and negative experiences by speaking in a neutral but serious tone. If you have got over the negative experience and come out of if a winner, mention it with confidence. An easy way to do this would be to remember your experience as a part-time volunteer or any other employment experience relevant to the study program you wish to join. Try and recollect incidents that have changed the way you look at life.
  • Normally, you would have to write an essay in 500 to 1000 words. This might not be similar to the undergraduate admission essay you might have written earlier. So refer to the right admission essay sample to get an idea of how you could cover details to be included in your essay. Refer only after you have your own list of ideas and points to be included. It would ensure that you have included imaginative ideas of your own.
  • The most important task would be to read through and proofread your essay several times. You have to understand that assessors do not have the time to go through loosely written essays that require editing. When there are no grammatical or other language mistakes in your essay, it indicates your seriousness and effort taken to complete the graduate admission essay. Be positive and write with confidence. The more time you spend in preparation, the better your essay would be.
  • Finally, discuss how your goals for the future would be met by the program. Given assessors a valid reason that shows your sincerity and drive to pursue and complete the program with honors. It would certainly show you in good light.