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How To Write An Opinion Essay

Learning how to write an opinion essay is a process that starts quite early in school. Students are first asked to write an essay on their school or favorite subject. These topics present students an opportunity to express their point of view on the subject. It is a simple exercise but one which allows students to begin the process of writing an opinion essay. Children are very expressive and can come up with imaginative ideas on any topic. The problem exists when they have to express them in writing. Essay writing is an exercise that deals with formats, style of writing, and understanding the needs of various types of essays.

An opinion essay can be improved upon by developing a style of writing that is unique. Students have sufficient time in school before they are asked to write a competitive essay based on their point of view. This could happen late in their school career or while writing a personal essay for entry into a good college or job opportunity. The process begins by learning how to develop a style of writing that students are comfortable with.

Early in school, teachers help through the correction process. Students slowly adapt to a style that is totally unique to them. Essay writing is a continuous process of learning where they would improve on their writing skills with practice. They need to adapt to the styles of different types of essays like persuasive, opinion, personal, argumentative, or narrative. A story is easier to write than a review on a poem. Students need to understand and appreciate the differences that exist while dealing with such type of essays. Learning how to write an opinion essay is really a matter of following up on the qualities in oneself that stands out among other students.

Always refer to essay examples on a similar topic. It might not be possible to find essays on the same topic, but examples on a similar topic would help in arriving at a balanced viewpoint. Similar exercises should be attempted for all the different types of essays. For example, a persuasive essay would teach students how to present content in a way that readers would agree to the point of view presented in the essay. The process might involve striking a cord with readers through a compelling and bold essay statement which could be supported by sub topic or points. The essay would have an introduction, body of several paragraphs, and an appropriate conclusion.

Forming an opinion is easy but putting it across to readers is not quite as easy. Students have to learn how to do it. Let’s say they have to write on the topic “Smoking Should Be Banned On The School Campus.” A personal opinion might be sufficient, but for the majority of readers to agree to it, students would have to understand about their viewpoint. It is possible to arrive at a balance by learning how to research and collect information from the school library or reliable sources over the internet. The process of learning how to write an opinion essay is fun and truly rewarding.