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MBA Admission Essay – A Simple Approach Pays

An MBA admission essay might be the key to becoming a core team member in a global company. You may play a leadership role in driving the company’s revenue growth with customer-focused marketing. Business schools look for students who can use their career experiences to achieve future educational goals. You should demonstrate how an MBA degree would connect these past career experiences with your long-term career plans. When you finally complete the MBA program, you must be equipped with the tools to succeed. Here are some pointers that would help you write a better admission essay.

  • Establish specifically how an MBA degree from a particular business school would help you achieve your goals, and why you think the time you apply for the program is the right time for you.
    Clarity of thought needs to be demonstrated. To achieve this, you need to keep points simple and concise. A graduate admission essay should always exude a positive approach. For example, you might mention a great liability and the need to overcome it. Your future career map should chart out how you would use the MBA program to establish reasonable and manageable goals for yourself.
  • There is a limit as to how long your essay can be. Different business schools have different requirements to be fulfilled. Some may ask you to write several essays and not just a personal statement, while others may ask for a single essay of about 500 words to be submitted. Pay attention to this aspect by using simple and direct language. While editing your essay, strive to tighten up and reduce phrases. For example, if you have used phrases that are similar in more than one sentence or paragraph, try and reduce the number in your college admission essay.
  • Using a confident tone is important to your success. If you have any doubts about how to approach the essay, refer to college admission essay samples. An active voice used throughout helps in establishing your knowledge of a topic. It is also important that you avoid vagueness in the sentence structure. Mention or elaborate on a past experience only if you can express yourself in just a sentence or two.
  • There is a possibility the MBA program you wish to enroll in might be newly introduced. Management tools and techniques are updated quite regularly. Also, techniques used in different fields may vary. For example, your past experience might include working for a retail company. Now retail management has advanced to a level where business schools have introduced a separate MBA program for it. You might not find an admission essay sample that covers such new programs, but your past experience would definitely be an advantage.
  • You must avoid connecting the MBA program with a future position in a company. If you have aspirations of becoming a marketing manager, your MBA admission essay is not the place to elaborate on it. Instead, focus on positioning yourself to learn the skills needed to succeed in a particular field. The program itself is not a guarantee to getting a management position, but the tools you acquire would help you achieve it. Show positive intent and determination to achieve these tools, and most business schools would see you as an ideal candidate for the program.