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Merchant of Venice Essay

Explore as many themes as you can in your Merchant of Venice Essay

The Merchant of Venice is one of the most well-known comedies written by the great Bard, William Shakespeare. This is a play that explores a variety of themes, chief of them being the overriding mercenary attitude of those who have the upper hand in life. The various characters in the play enact their parts with artistry and skill to bring out the nuances of the Bard’s words to the fullest. You could write a Merchant of Venice essay by exploring these characters, the various themes or even the social structure against which the whole play is written.

Here are some ideas for your essay

  • The personification of opportunism

If there is one character who is the epitome of opportunism, it is the Jew, Shylock. One wonders how his Machiavellian brain could think in such a way that he tries to get what he wants at the cost of a person’s life. For a person like Shylock, the bad luck of others is an opportunity for him to make more money. You could do a creative writing essay on this particular character and also comment on the fact that he is immortalized in many such like him. There are quite a few people and groups who wait for misfortune to strike someone. At this point, they are armed with plans and ideas to decapitate and completely push the suffering person into oblivion.

  • Jew vs. Christianity – the religious divide

Now, this is a controversial subject and hence should be handled with care. You need all your tact and skilful writing to work on an essay topic like this. Moreover, you also need to have your essay thesis statement, well structured in order to make your perspective quite clear. This is indeed a challenging task as there are very few qualified writers who could help you work on this topic. Fortunately, our writers are not just experts in the field of Literature; they have the necessary experience too.

  • Is the play a comedy or a tragedy?

To literary experts, The Merchant of Venicehas always been a dilemma of sorts. The most common classification puts this particular play along with all the other comedies written by the Bard. However, there are others who opine that this play has far too many negative ideas and connotations to be classified as a comedy. Be that as it may, if you are writing an essay to bring out the true nature and classification of the play, you would surely require a good essay editing service. You can surely find it here.

The expert writers of can surely help you write a Merchant of Venice essay or an essay any other topic in Literature. With our vast repertoire of essays, theses and research papers we are well equipped to deal with the requests of students like you. has been very vocal about the level of customization and originality in the work submitted. Please visit our website for a firsthand account of what our writers can do.

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