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Narrative Essay Outline

A narrative essay outline is prepared to include content in a structured form corresponding to a narrative or story. A narrative can be based on descriptive essay topics that tend to present an event or incident that occurred as it is. Quite easy to write, students find it to their liking, especially if they get a chance to write on an event they have experienced. There are no hard and fast rules or any compulsions on the content that should be included within the essay. There is, of course, one criterion that events should be recollected and presented as it occurred. Writers should use their own unique style of writing but should avoid adding irrelevant content that would distract readers from the main topic.

The basic rules of essay writing would include an introduction, body, and conclusion. Students can refer to essay examples to get an idea of how to prepare a narrative essay outline. It is important to remember that the introduction would contain the essay statement, which is the most important sentence. The statement would provide a general idea of what the narrative is all about. It would include the most important point to be conveyed to readers. For example, if the topic chosen by a student was “Essay about my school,” the focus of the essay statement would be on the most interesting fact about the school. It could be the architectural design that stands out or an introduction to a sporting star that belongs to the school. There are many unique characteristics and incidents that could be used to form the statement.

The body of the essay would elaborate on the essay statement based on points jotted down about the topic. For example, students would recollect all important events that took place in school that they would like to mention in the narrative essay outline. The details could include personal experiences, the role of other students in their lives, participation in extracurricular activities resulting in an achievement, academic merits, or just about anything interesting that could be included. Students must sit down for a brainstorming session before deciding on the most interesting and logical points, as the number of words to be included in the essay could be limited.

Building an effective narrative essay outline would be an easy task, if students think of including a plot into the essay. Readers would be very interested in a new and interesting story. The topic you choose should be new and fresh. The plot can be then built around the topic like a story. It would follow a build-up towards the main idea and then students can elaborate on it. The skill of a writer would come to the fore. Adding funny anecdotes and examples revolving around the event can add some zing to the essay. Seeking help from online content providers can save precious time in trying to compile an outline, if you have not experienced the event or are not confident of the topic. The aim should be to present a concise and interesting story to readers.