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How To Choose Good Narrative Essay Topics

Narrative essay topics have always been easy to select. A story, an event, a plot, or a description has all the ingredients to be one. You might have experienced so many events in your school. Just try and recollect them and you would find your essay topic. Think about the school picnics, family excursions, or visits to a relative far away. These could all be converted to an appropriate essay topic. There might have been other memorable incidents in class that you could remember. It’s really very easy to select good essay topics.

  • Refer to several narrative essay examples. When you go through them you would get many ideas that you could use as topics. For example, you may come across essays that talk about an event in another school. You could then relate it to a similar event that took place in your school. In other words, if it’s an annual function the essay talks about, write about the annual function in your school. Similarly, the annual sports day in your school could be a good topic. Other areas to consider would be to write about the history of your school or college. There really is no limit if you use your imagination.
  • Narrative essays that tell stories are the most popular, as they are easy to understand and generate a lot of interest with a plot in place. Your writing skills would be tested in terms of how you maintain interest among readers. Attempt to write a simple essay with pictorial description of the event. You get through to readers a lot easier. Be a storyteller and use the literary skills at your disposal to gain attention of readers.
  • Prepare a narrative essay outline that would hold your story. Essay topics would be formed out of the storyline. For example, you can start writing an outline about any event you like. As you write, you will notice a definite pattern emerging which would tell you the rest of the story. You now have a concrete essay topic. Start writing and then let the story take over. This is the easiest way to elaborate on any point.
  • A description essay is usually long. When you have to limit your essay within a page or two, keep the essay structure in mind. Do not try to phrase long sentences. You would only be testing the patience of readers. Make every attempt to write an informative essay.
  • Facts are important to give you a good start. For that matter, just a single fact about an event is enough to give you a start. You do not have to depend on research or any other information to get going. You can write your own version of the story. Just try and make it interesting and use language which would appeal to your readers. Check out a narrative essay sample offered by the school or college. You would always get one from the library. If you find an essay that appeals to you, use the content to develop your own unique style. Finding good narrative essay topics would be quite easy.