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Oliver Twist Essay

A good Oliver Twist Essay could be a study of society

Charles Dickens has portrayed in a very poignant and lucid way, the travails of orphans and others in his book, Oliver Twist. When you write an Oliver Twist essay you need to understand the kind of society that Dickens tried to portray. This is the only way that you can do justice to an essay on such a great work. has a lot of ideas and tips that you could use when writing an essay on this book.

Here are some ideas that you could use for your Oliver Twist Essay

  • Could Dickens be looked at as the quintessential social reformer? This would be a good idea to explore in your essay. Many critics have classified Dickens as being a person who tried to bring about as many changes as possible in society through his literary works. Use the view of important critics when you write the essay using this particular idea. If you are not too sure about the essay writing format of such an essay, you can check it out with our literary experts.
  • Poverty is an overriding theme in this book. In fact, no study of Oliver Twist is complete without an essay on poverty. Your essay could focus on whether this portrayal of poverty is realistic in every sense of the word. Are there institutions where children are treated so badly? Or are there places that are ten times worse? If you were to compare this to the begging industry in some developed countries, you would find that the Dickensian portrayal of poverty is more humane. There are worse inhumanities meted out to destitute children in some places, even now. This certainly does not have to be a mere poverty essay. Instead, it could be a critical analysis of the portrayal of poverty by this great author.
  • The human element and hope in the story. Though there are facilities in place for orphans to be taken care of, there are still incidences of inhuman atrocities right through the story. In spite of all this, there is an element of hope that comes through at some points. You could comment on this in your essay and remark on how it is that one thing that keeps people alive. In the midst of all the suffering, there is still hope of a better tomorrow for the inmates of the orphanage. There is a lot of corporal punishment that takes place right through the essay that makes one wonder about human cruelty. Without making this a proper corporal punishment essay, you could try to examine and comment on how repressive measures were put into practice to control young children in a confined environment. 

Writing an Oliver Twist essay is very often a dull and dreary thing to do as the topic is one that makes you sad. However, it would be interesting to learn how to critique such a work and present a good analysis. could help you do it in a good and easy way.