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Our Day Out Essay

Understand the theme of the play before you write an Our Day Out Essay

If Willy Russell’s intention was to make the reader or the viewer sit up and think about the plight of under-privileged children, he certainly succeeded doing so in his play. Our Day Out is about a group of children who seemingly have the pleasure of being escorted on a trip away from their ordinary mundane life. Russell has tried to bring into sharp focus the frame of mind the children are in right through the trip. If you are keen on writing an Our Day Out essay, remember that it would be good to either read the play or watch it if possible.

Here are some facts about the play

There are a group of children who are taken on a trip to visit a faraway castle; this is part of the exercise to try and bring in new ways of thinking. One of the teachers is a kind and progressive person, while there is another in authority, who does not believe that these children are capable of change. It is a very stark and unforgiving reality that these children see when the play finally ends. They realize that despite this day out, they still have to go back to their poor families and bleak futures.

Some points that you could focus on in your essay

  • A good Our Day Out essay could focus on some of the important themes of the play. For instance, you could write a comparative essay on the beliefs and behavior of the two teachers in the play. Mrs. Kay, the kind person and Mr. Briggs, authoritarian. It would be good to use these two characters to explore the theme of inclusive teaching and rehabilitation of poor children.
  • Most of the time, one is haunted by the fact that there are pre-conceived notions when adults deal with children from an economically-backward background. There is the notion that these children cannot have a good future and that they are doomed to suffer till the end. You could write an essay on this perspective that is clearly depicted in the play.
  • Another idea that you could think of focusing in your essay would be the way in which short-lived joys are the only sources of happiness for the children in Our Day Out. They realize that with their background, nothing more than occasional day out would be possible.

This is certainly quite a difficult assignment for a student who has issues about doing a creative writing essay. would be only too glad to offer all kinds of essay writing help to ensure that a good Our Day Out essay emerges. It would be essential to think of the play from various angles, before you zone in on the right perspective for your essay. Willy Russell’s plays are usually stark, portraying the hard lives of various people. His other play, Blood Brothers is equally severe in its portrayal. could help you work on the Blood Brother sessay too. Call us now for more details on these essays.