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How To Work With Personal Essay Examples

Personal essay examples are often considered a mirror image of what you feel about yourself or a description of personal experiences you have gone through. You need to consider how best you wish readers would know you through your essay. It should be a personal statement that allows readers to know you better as a student and person. We start writing personal essays in school and later find it useful to repeat about ourselves in competitive essays related to a college admission process and even job interviews. There are certain aspects one should not forget to include in such essays.

A personal statement already has your stamp of approval on issues you consider close to your heart. It is quite easy to have essay ideas about issues related to oneself, especially positive characteristics. We always remember the bright spots in our lives and tend to forget the unhappy ones. You can start by listing out all the personal experiences you can remember. A personal statement need not speak of you only as a person, your likes or dislikes. It can elaborate on instances that connect your character with it and highlights the actions you have taken in a particular circumstance.

Essay examples prove very useful while learning more about how to write a personal statement. Sometimes, you might find yourself at a loss for words to describe feelings, or you might find it difficult to connect between two elements in an essay. For example, if you wish to write about a connected incident that occurred a few years ago, you might find it difficult to remember about the place, the circumstances, and related incidents. Your role in the incident would be clear to you, but essay examples on the same subject might help you remember about the circumstances and place. It might even offer you ideas you might have missed out.

Start with an essay outline that contains the personal statement. You might have to establish a limit on the number of words to include in the essay. Personal essay examples provide the link you need to connect issues with the optimum use of words. The outline can be divided into the introduction, a body of a few paragraphs, and a conclusion that summarizes all that you have said in the body of the essay. Work on writing in your own personal style and write to establish rapport with readers. It might be difficult for you to know if you are on the right track. This is where you compare your essay outline with personal essay examples to arrive at the right balance for your own essay.

Always try to look for several examples of good essays before you arrive at the right model. Going through several essays help in building on new ideas, overcoming language barriers, establishing a unique writing style, forming and connecting sentences and paragraphs with each other. This may seem difficult at first, but it really isn’t. Keep working at it, and you would have absolutely no problem arriving at your own unique style of writing. A good tip would be to look for essay examples that offer ideas as well as methods of writing.

A descriptive essay need not be lengthy. With the optimum use of words you can write essays of merit that readers would look forward to reading. Your personal essays would be evaluated positively, if you develop writing prowess with the use of good personal essay examples.