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Research Paper Paragraphs

What To Include In Research Paper Paragraphs

Research Paper ParagraphsResearch paper paragraphs are meant to clarify the research statement and provide information that simplifies it. Each paragraph is logically built up to support the other paragraphs. At the same time, it links directly to the thesis statement without deviating from the topic. A research essay can hold interest if the included paragraphs are structured logically and built up towards a logical conclusion. Though the objective is to develop an academic paper, interest can be generated if the paper is developed like a story. The length depends on the amount of information to be included in each paragraph. Also, research guidelines may specify the upper word count limit. An important point to note is that research papers have the same format. An introduction would carry the research statement derived from the topic under consideration. The body of the essay would have the required number of paragraphs supporting the statement. Finally, a conclusion would summarize the content included in earlier research paper paragraphs.

The Introductory Paragraph

It includes the thesis statement and is the core paragraph that catches the reader’s attention. Basically, it indicates the topic with a very narrow view. The other statements in the introduction lead readers into the body of the paper. It sets the stage for readers to be interested enough to go through the entire research paper. The introduction could include an author’s name and works to be explored. A history essay would introduce the period of history to be explored. A medical paper would generate interest in a definite audience by introducing the genre and how the topic would be expanded in the essay. The introductory essay paragraph would define the theme and limit the range of ideas that will be explored further. Boundaries are set in a way that indicates only relevant ideas to restrict writers from going beyond them. An argumentative essay would put forth the argument to be defended.

How Boundaries Are Limited In The Body Of The Research Paper

Let’s take the case of an analytical or argument essay in the 5 paragraph essay format. A logical move would be to break down the core argument into smaller highly focused sub-points and then describe each one in a separate paragraph. An analysis would take each point, define it, and describe it in detail providing specific details and simplifying matters with comparisons or contrasts. An argument essay offers reasons for the argument and provides explanations that support ideas using facts that can be verified. At the same time, care should be taken not to confuse readers with irrelevant information.

Establish A Summarized Conclusion

Readers are convinced about the writer’s point of view in this paragraph. A conclusion should essentially sum up the paper a little differently to impress upon readers the message to be conveyed. It focuses on significance. Readers should be encouraged to take action in the direction prompted by the conclusion. It could end in presenting a vivid picture of what the future holds or what the next logical step would be without adding further research paper paragraphs.