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A Sample Compare And Contrast Essay

A sample compare and contrast essay can be the ideal start to write about two texts, two scientific experiments, two separate events you may have experienced, or two case studies to work with. You may have to compare and contrast to establish a relationship between two similar elements that have some essential differences. For example, you could have two fungicides that have very different effects on plant life.

Let us look take a sample compare and contrast essay. You may have two teachers who have very different views on political events going to unfold in the country, but it could be that they have the same perspective of how a school or college project should be written. There are methods you could use to establish the difference. One such method is the keyhole comparison where you give less weight to any one element than the other. You do this by using the first element as a lens or keyhole to view the other. For example, if you look through at an object from afar using binoculars, you would view it differently than without the binoculars.

Compare and contrast essay topics could include varied subject matter. For example, there could be major differences in concepts and theory about which crimes would be victimless. The authorities could have disagreement about the issue. Some have a viewpoint that petty fights, gambling, and prostitution come under this category. Others are of the opinion that taking drugs, abortion, and homosexuality are victimless crimes. There are still others who would include bribery, betrayal of trust, vagrants, begging, and loitering under this category. There is a possibility of encountering a daunting list of sometimes unrelated similarities and differences.

Writing compare and contrast essays is not a mechanical and easy task when you have to write them in high school or college. There might be instances when you may feel confused about how to compile information about two similar objects or events with dissimilarities. To succeed after you have chosen good compare and contrast essay topics, take raw information which you have collected from the library or from over the internet and compile an argument that establishes the similarities and differences you observed when opting to include them in your essay.

Going back to the example of victimless crimes, the compare and contrast essay outline can bind the concept of victimless crimes and arrive at decriminalization proposals that can serve mankind. Bear in mind that the two concepts would be similar. They would intersect but would never coincide or be included with the other. Further, some of the crimes listed out might be debatable and later on come under the category of punishable offenses if the percentage increases of if society looks upon them as a menace that needs to be stopped at all cost.

You have to bear in mind that the compare and contrast essay format should include both elements that would fit into the larger scheme of things. Initially, you might have to spend time establishing the connection between the two elements, but once you have the experience, writing a compare and contrast essay would be enjoyable and interesting.