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Essay Samples, Book Report Examples, Dissertation Samples, Term Paper Samples

An essay sample is a paper written to be evaluated by our potential customers. So if you feel a need to look at an essay example before placing your order, feel free to download it from this page. Note that our samples are not limited by essays – here you can find the examples of other academic papers, such as term paper, coursework, dissertation, etc.

Admission Essay Sample

Topic: Animal Farm: Some are more equal than others

Type: Admission Essay Sample Level: College

Style: MLA Pages: 2 Sources: 0


Book Report Sample

Topic: Art in China

Type: Book Report Example Level: College

Style: MLA Pages: 4 Sources: 1


Coursework Example

Topic: Service Sector Marketing

Type: Coursework Example Level: GCSE

Style: Harvard Pages: 14 Sources: 11


Dissertation Example

Type: Dissertation Level: Undergraduate

 Style: Harvard Pages: 51 Sources: 50 


Sample Essay

Type: Essay Level: Master

 Style: Harvard Pages: 14 Sources: 10

Personal Statement Sample

Topic: Leadership Alliance Program

Type: Personal Statement Level: College Graduate

Style: MLA Pages: 2 Sources: 0



Research Paper Sample

Topic: Gastric By-pass surgeries long term health benefits and risk to include maintenance of weight loss

Type: Research Paper Level: College

Style: APA Pages: 16 Sources: 14


Term Paper Sample

Type:Term Paper Sample Level: College

Style: MLA Pages: 16 Sources: 7


Essay Sample

Topic: BUYER BEHAVIOUR- case study on the Behaviour of the young towards luxury products

Type: Essay Level: Graduate

Style: Harvard Pages: 7 Sources: 12


Essay Sample

Topic: Is force a useful security tool when combating terrorism?

Type: Essay Level: Degree

Style: MLA Pages: 12 Sources: 5


Case Study Sample

Topic: IMMO TECH Consultant for a shocker smart phone

Type: Case study Level: High School

Style: Harvard Pages: 10 Sources: 9


Case Study Sample

Topic: Psychology coursework about anxiety

Type: Case study Level: College

Style: Harvard Pages: 3 Sources: 1