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Saving Private Ryan essay

Saving Private Ryan essay– try to look at various facets of the film in your essay

It is always a challenge to write an essay on a movie so well known and acclaimed as Saving Private Ryan. This was a movie directed by ace director Steven Spielberg who treats every movie as if it were real. If you are asked to write a Saving Private Ryan essay you could think of examining various facets in your writing. Here are some topics that you could think of discussion.

The director

Your essay could focus on the directorial expertise of Steven Spielberg in general and the prowess that is evident in this particular film. Apart from putting together an impressive cast and showing clips of battle and war that seem to be incredibly realistic, Spielberg has brought the horrors of war into the lives of many. He has done this through his portrayal of the Omaha beachhead assault that took place on the 6th of June 1944. This was an important day and event during World War II and Spielberg has used the right location and effects to get create the maximum impact on movie-going audience. In fact, this is the one event around which the whole film is woven.

The origin of the plot

In the American Civil War, four sons of one family lost their lives in a battle. A monument in their memory stands in Port Carbon, Pennsylvania. When writer Robert Rodat first came across the monument and its history he thought it could be adapted into a film. The result was Saving Private Ryan. Though it is not an exact replica of the Niland brothers, one can say that it is broadly based on their lives.

Reliving tense battles

It is to the credit of the technical crew of the film, under the capable stewardship of Spielberg that entire battles were staged on the shores of Normandy. To most of us who have only heard of the World War II, it was as realistic as it could get. To other war veterans, it was like reliving the past. There were quite a few movie goers who felt a kind of kinship with the actors who played important roles in the movie. Saving Private Ryan evoked responses of nostalgia and pain in the hearts of those who watched the film.

How historically close was the movie?

This is another idea that you could explore in your Saving Private Ryan essay. To make it historically identifiable, the director made use of innovative techniques to replicate the battle scenes of 1944. The use of World War II craft and war veterans also added to the effects.

When you write an essay on a film, remember that you have to be clear on the topic that you want to concentrate on. Use an essay expert like to help in writing this well. Do not depend on essay cheats to give you relevant points. Whether it is an essay on a simple topic or any other academic essay, remember that can give you the best Saving Private Ryan essay possible. So call us right away.

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