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Tips On A Good Nursing Admissions Essay

Some useful tips on a good nursing admissions essay can certainly help in finding the right approach to seeking admission to some of the best nursing colleges. Students often fail to understand the critical needs of a good nursing essay, especially students who have completed their basic studies in another country. Competition is high, and students cannot afford to have a lax approach to the assignment. It is important that they fulfill all the requirements of the college in terms of completing the formalities well in time to concentrate on the admissions essay. With so many students from across the globe attempting the exercise, seats to a coveted college or university are often decided through a superior performance in the nursing admissions essay.

  • Look to write on cause and effect research paper topics. An essay-writing exercise can become interesting, if a topic of relevance to society is chosen. For example, there is concern around the world about the ill effects of global warming. Human health is likely to be affected in large measure, if something is not done about it. The warming climatic would put entire societies across the globe at risk. People would be affected by cholera, encephalitis, malaria, dengue and other infectious and viral diseases. Students who choose to deal with such problems either through community service projects demonstrate awareness of such problems and provide assessors a good platform to understand their capabilities.
  • One of the most important tips on a good nursing admissions essay would be to recognize that an admissions essay is a statement of purpose. Assessors are interested in knowing reasons for joining the study program. Students’ attitude and approach to the nursing profession would be reflected through the admissions essay. Therefore, it is important that they are keen on pursing the profession. Sincere efforts and keeping oneself updated with the latest trends highlight their strengths and knowledge within the essay. Always aim at providing a personal viewpoint or reason for joining. Do not hesitate to choose controversial essay topics.
  • The basic requirements to start a nursing career is a BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing), but a smart student would plan in advance. For example, students who wish to pursue a career in NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) can complete their BSc in nursing with the basic practical levels, i.e., clinicals completed in pediatrics. If a nursing student would like to gain entry into a high-paying professional setup, they would consider completing their PNP (Pediatric Nursing Practitioner), a masters level degree. It would make them eligible for ready NICU positions in several hospitals and clinics.
  • It is very easy to get carried away by providing useful content for assessment. While this is of primary importance, students should not neglect the basic elements of essay writing. If they make glaring grammatical and sentence structure errors, it would reflect in the essay. Refer to essay examples to get an idea of how to do it. Students have to pay great attention to expressing themselves eloquently with superior language skills.

Paying due attention to these useful tips on a good nursing admissions essay would go a long way in getting admission to a good nursing college.