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Unemployment Essay

Facts, figures and interesting cases could improve your unemployment essay

You might wonder how to approach the problem of unemployment in your essay. This is because you are not very sure of the kind of inputs that would be apt for your unemployment essay. The key to finding out more about the info that goes in, is to first identify the kind of level that you are expected to write at. For instance, this could be a topic that is given to high school students. The same topic could also be allotted to research scholars as well. Whatever may be the level that you need help for, remember that can ensure you of the right quantum and quality of information.

The more topics you are know about, the better your essay could be. Here are some topics that will ensure the quality of your unemployment essay

  • Unemployment v. employability
    There are many people who feel that a country like India has major problems like poverty, unemployment and the like. This could be true to a certain extent. However, the fact remains that there are only a minority of people who are truly employable. This is because of the quality of education these people have and the general aptitude they have towards their subject. You could write a detailed academic essay on the subject; make sure you bring in relevant points and statistics.
  • The nexus between poverty and unemployment
    Have you ever wondered why poverty and unemployment have always been mentioned together? Apart from the fact that an unemployed person will not have sufficient resources, there are also other factors that impact this connection or nexus. You could write a good essay that studies various factors in great detail. This is a tricky topic; so don’t hesitate to involve an essay expert like in this essay writing exercise. We would be glad to help.
  • Unemployment and ethnicity
    In some developed countries, unemployment could also be caused by a certain level of racial profiling. Strange as this may sound, it is quite possible that people of a certain community are not employed in good positions. They are relegated to the background and given jobs that are quite menial and insignificant. Therefore, this would be a good racial profiling essay with specific focus on unemployment.

Unemployment is not limited to a specific time and age. It could go much beyond it. For instance, there are those who believe that levels of unemployment have risen drastically only in times of recession. While this may be true in developed countries like Germany, France and America, the situation would be a bit different in other countries like India.

Let us imagine that you are in the process of collecting data for a series of essays on unemployment. There are many topics that you could think of; make sure you zone in on a single topic first. If you are not sure about the topic or the contents of your unemployment essay, take a good look at our website for some ideas. You could write in to us when you need more help.

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