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World Bank Essay Competition

Why The World Bank Essay Competition Is A Must

The World Bank essay competition 2010 attracted over 2000 applications from across the world. The winners were from far off places like Indonesia, Argentina, and Kenya. As usual, participation diplomas were sent across to all the participants. What makes this international essay contest unique is that it is open to all youngsters between the ages of 18 – 25 years, irrespective of whether they have had specific formal education or not. It is organized by the World Bank with the help of several partners including the Ministry For Foreign Affairs Of Sweden.

World Bank Essay Competition

Topics are general in nature but relate to important issues that connect with the youth of this world. In 2009, the theme was “WANTED: The Next Generation Of Green Entrepreneurs.” In 2010, the contest invited the youth to share their views and offer solutions to the problem of unemployment. The theme was “How Can You Tackle Youth Unemployment Through Youth-Led Solutions?”

The facts are quite startling, which makes it necessary to discuss the issue of youth unemployment on an international level. Around 3 billion people around the world have less than $2 to spend daily. The poverty levels are escalating further. In the developing world, the youth are the maximum affected lot with more than half of the unemployed below the age of 24 years. The World Bank Essay competition allows the youth from remote corners of the world a chance to voice their opinion and present practical solutions to problems that concern them. For example, a student in Africa may be involved in a development program that has succeeded in providing employment to many others locally. The solution may be applicable elsewhere.

World population contains 1.3 billion people between the age of 15 and 24 years. This amounts to a massive 17% of the total population. Another interesting fact that makes the international essay contest very important is that 84% of the world youth reside in developing countries. Practically speaking, poverty would affect them more than the figures suggest. We see demonstrations and violence the world over. The youth participate in them more than idealists involved in the issue for many years. Frustration seems to be getting to them. It has therefore become imperative that the world finds practical solutions for the problem of unemployment. Population control and opening up of boundaries have been suggested, but these solutions can only help if implemented totally.

The World Bank essay competition becomes very relevant in this context, as it has the capacity to overcome social barriers. Individuals are presented with the opportunity to express their view either through an essay or video. Entries in English, French, or Spanish could be submitted online before the specified date. Details about the price money, certificates, dates when the topic would be available, results, and list of resources are available on their website The youth of today have chance to make sure their children have a better place to live in. Technology is improving day by day, but problems would not just fade away. The essay writing contest offers students a platform to initiate programs that could help improve their lifestyle.