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World Hunger Essay

Go through some of these ideas for an insightful World Hunger Essay

Food, clothing and shelter are the three most basic needs of any human being. Hunger is a harsh reality in today’s world where too many mouths compete for too little food. Therefore, world hunger is not an issue that can be studied and solved overnight. There are a lot of issues that need to be considered, surveys to be done, history of world hunger statistics to be reviewed and a lot more, before one can find even a semblance of a solution to this mammoth issue. Your world hunger essay therefore, should be as insightful as possible, providing at least a few points that are relevant and helpful.

Here are some fresh ideas you could think on putting in

  • Is a Green Revolution the answer to the world hunger issue?

Though there are quite a few agronomists who are of the view that the Green Revolution is the only answer to the present shortage of food, there are others who dispute the fact. You would have to do an investigatory piece of writing to examine the pros and cons of bringing in the Green Revolution. Short term gains might be evident; but there could be long term losses that could prove very costly. You could use the essay writing help when you want to write on a controversial issue like this.

  • Could cutting down on your eating make an impact on the world hunger problem?

When young children are told not to waste food, there are many mothers who keep repeating that, there are quite a few mouths that can be fed on the wasted food. This is a common refrain in a developed country, where throwing away half-eaten sandwiches and burgers is quite common. Though the food is not going to reach a hungry person directly, it is true that channelizing unused food could help alleviate the problem to a certain extent. When you write an essay on this question, make sure that your present your essay thesis statement very clearly. Ambiguity is going to get you nowhere; call, if you need help in framing the intro.

  • The world hunger issue and opportunists

Survival of the fittest is an adage that is best illustrated when you study the world hunger problem. There are always groups of people with vested interests who divert funds to their pockets instead of channelizing it to needy and hungry folk. This misuse of funds and survival of opportunistic folks could be the focus of your world hunger essay. You could bring in details of how money has been misused by aid agencies or unscrupulous operators who think nothing of taking away food from starving children. If you have already written your essay, give us a call to use our essay editing service.

Though world hunger has been and will continue to be a major issue for all citizens of the world, it is the duty of every responsible citizen to look for possible solutions. You could examine few of these workable solutions in your world hunger essay with our help.

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