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3 Paragraph Essay

Learn Essay Writing With A 3 Paragraph Essay

A 3 paragraph essay is the ideal assignment for students who are beginning to learn the art of essay writing. It is simple to create, and often forms the building blocks to study the method used to compile academic content. School teachers teach students the basic formats and style of writing in three paragraphs. Basically, it consists of an introduction with the essay statement, a central body which includes content elaborating on the essay statement, and a conclusion that summarizes earlier content. It is easier to gather thoughts on a topic in this format. Students have to include content and split them into three parts, which is not difficult. Learning how to connect the paragraphs in continuity is more important. Students can start off by following the basic pattern of essay writing. To write compelling essays and to be able seamlessly progress towards writing on more difficult topics, they can adapt to the following methods.

  • Prepare an outline with all the content to be included in the essay. The outline essay would then be divided into three parts. The introduction would be formed by compiling the essay statement based on the essay question or topic given. The statement would inform readers about the topic and how the writer would approach it further on in the essay. Some other basic information can also be included in the first paragraph such as definitions, theories followed, description of characters or place where an incident took place.
  • The body of the essay would elaborate on the essay statement with the help of arguments or points arranged in the order of importance. In a 3 paragraph essay, all the support statements would be incorporated in the body of the essay. The conclusion would summarize the content related to the essay statement. An effective conclusion would convince readers to agree with the writer’s point of view. In some cases, it would lead them to take action as prompted in the essay.
  • General topics could be offered to students or could be in the form of an essay question. Students have to decide how to tackle the topic in a way that it is focused very narrowly on a particular aspect. For example, the essay question could be “Should smoking be banned in the school campus and how?” The answer would obviously be yes, but students could focus on a narrower sub topic such as “Five ways to stop smoking in the school campus.” It helps readers understand the direction a writer is going to take.
  • Another important aspect is to practice on the aspect of proof reading and editing an essay. Students are used to completing written assignments using the appropriate essay layout and then getting them assessed by their teachers. They must now practice writing and editing their own essays. It would take some time before they can edit their essay with confidence. Once they master the technique, progress towards more complex writing assignments would be much easier. The 3 paragraph essay would be the first step towards compiling great essays.