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APA Essay Format

APA Essay Format

APA Essay Format


APA (American Psychological Association) is special social science writing style basically used to cite papers and documents and that provides general referencing rules. To follow APA essay formatin appropriate way one should take consulters’ recommendations or to apply to essay writing services.

APA basics:

• use standard, twenty-pound, white, 8.5 x 11-inch paper;
• leave one-inch margin from the top, bottom, right and left sides of your paper;
• use easy-to-read 12-size font in order to allow bold and italics be distinguished from one another (use Times new Roman or Calibri font);
• use double spaced interval between the lines and only one space after each word and periods; set the first line of a paragraph on one half-inch from the left text margin;
• write a page header at the top of each page (all capitalized letters);
• insert page numbers in the top right corner of each paper;
• no periods after headings.

Though APA essay format, as it’s understood from the title, is used to write essays, there are some features that differ writing pieces under American Psychological Association recommendations from ordinary ones. This is one of the cases where you may probably need some essay help.

One of such differences is concerned with essays structure. If writing an ordinary essay you may take a sheet of paper and simply write down the plot, writing APA approved piece you need to follow strict instructions and involve some specific sections. Let’s take a look at both examples.

Ordinary essay structure:

• introduction;

• body:

– part 1;
– part 2;
– part 3;

• conclusions.

APA essay sections:

• a title page;
• an abstract;
• the main body;
• references.

Moreover each of the listed above sections requires fulfilling general requirements for writing. Let’s consider the main.

Title Page

The title page must involve:

• the title;
• an author’s name;
• institution information.

To fill the title page according to APA essay format requirements you should:

• insert the page number in the right top corner;
• point the header (example: Running title: THE NAME OF THE TITLE);
• type your title in the upper half of the page, in the center, using standard capitalizing (example: The Name of the Title); NOTE: remember that your title volume must not exceed 12-words lengths; use only purpose-needed words;
• under the title write you name: first name, middle initials and last name; NOTE: do not point any scientific degrees or titles (example: PhD, doctor, Mrs., Sir etc);
• under the name of the author write down the information about the institution; NOTE: institution info must contain the place where the author run his study process.


Basic guidelines to write an abstract due to APA essay format are as follows:

• insert the title in the left top corner;
• point the page number in the top right corner;
• type you’re a word Abstract in the upper half of the page, in the center;
• write the plot from the new line;
• use double spaced interval;
• do not write more than 250 words.

Remember that an abstract is a brief summary. Here you must point on the importance of the studied matter, the means, arguments and results expressed in the essay.

You may also add the keywords section after the plot of your abstract. To do so, you need to type Keywords (in italics) and the point them. It will help to find your work in bases.

You can also learn more about APA essay format using special writing services. Professional essay writers will provide you high-quality help on any writing matter and give you the opportunity to buy essay online.