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In the last few years, we have observed that custom written application essays have become the most sought after of our services. Though initially we were amazed by this exponential spurt in the requests for custom written application essays, our thorough analysis revealed various factors responsible for this novel trend.

Why order your application essay online?

With each passing day, students are finding it increasingly difficult to gain admissions in the academic institutions of their choice. Not only the number of seats available with the reputed academic institutions is frighteningly scarce, these institutions are always flooded with a more then average number of applicants with each passing semester. Under such competitive circumstances, applicants can definitely improve the chances of securing their admission by ordering custom written application essays from our skilled and experienced writers.

What’s the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge posed by the application essays is that they require an applicant to encapsulate a major facts of one’s academic, professional and personal life within a limited scope of 500 to 700 words. It is crystal clear that the quality of an application essay definitely has a great impact on one’s chances of getting accepted or rejected by a premium academic institution. Applicants find it frustratingly impossible to pack information pertaining to the personal, professional, and academic life, their past scores, their extracurricular interests, their strengths and weaknesses, etc. in such a constraining format. Even those some students manage to do this, they often discover that their application essays often fail to stand apart in a deluge of other applications. Seeking our professional help in such a situation can definitely turn the odds in your favor.

Application essay topics

Many application essays are assigned to be written around seemingly simple topics like My Dog or My Favorite Book. Sad to say that a significant number of students end up being the victims. Indeed, such essays often intend to test an applicant’s ability to bring relevance and meaning to a discernibly plain topic. There is also the other class of application essays that require students to weave their personal details around some issue or a literary or philosophical quotation. There is no denying the fact that unless a student is not a habitual writer like the professionals at are, there is very little chance that the application essay will stand the test of the tough standards of an application committee.

How we can help you with your application essay?

  • Our application essay writers are PhD professors and native English speakers who perfectly know how an application essay must look like to grab attention.
  • Our 24/7 custom support service lets you stay in contact with your writer and provide him/her with all details needed for writing your application essay.
  • Though it is rare, should you or your examinor feel that your application essay does not meet your requirements, gives you the privilege of asking for as many free revisions as you wish.