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Assessment Essay

An assessment essay is usually an expert’s job as one would be reviewing the works of another. It does take time to understand the intricacies of an essay. Usually, a critical analysis is written about a writer’s work. The role of an assessor is difficult, as one has to be an expert on the subject. Questions would be asked based on how the essay has been written. There are different ways to review the merits of an abstract or essay. It does a while to understand how to do it effectively. To help speed up the process, here is a list of questions that can be asked.

  • Is the essay interesting? This is of primary importance. Readers would be interested in reading a well-written, informative essay. A compelling essay writing exercise would stand apart from other essays.
  • Does the essay fulfill the requirements of the topic? It is often seen that writers tend to go off track from the topic. Though it may seem unintentional, it indicates a lack of focus. The writer would have to research well before coming up with content that can be compelling and interesting to readers.
  • Is the structure of the essay logical enough for people to understand? The arguments and counter arguments have to be sequentially placed within the essay at the right locations. Depending on the type of essay written, the structure would differ. For example, if a math essay has to be written, it would include calculations to simplify a mathematical model.
  • Does the style of writing do justice in imparting information correctly to readers? They do not have the patience to try and understand what is being said. Information needs to be conveyed immediately to them. An assessment essay could point out areas where the writer could be more effective in conveying the message.
  • Is the evidence supporting the thesis statement sufficient or is there more research required to be done? Sometimes, writers seem to complete the essay in a hurry. This is evident by the lack of sufficient support information.

These questions have to be asked to get the feel of how to assess the written word. It may take some time before one becomes an expert on the subject. Essay writing is an art that can be mastered with practice. As the process of writing an essay gets better with practice, it become easier to read through a research paper of another writer and offer suggestions. Reasoning is developed by making notes. The problematic areas are highlighted by using different colored fonts. These would form the basis for arriving at the merits of all written works on similar topics.

A very useful method most editors or critics use is to read the essay several times before they write a review on it. This generates a pictorial view and review becomes easier. With each reading, the assessment essay can include changes that need to be made in the reviewed piece of work. After each reading, notes can be made, which can be fine tuned. Once the final reading is complete, a very clear review is formed.