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Tips on Writing a Comparison Essay

Know your Facts before Writing a Comparison Essay

Comparison essay can compare two persons, objects, places, concepts or processes. The purpose of writing a comparison essay may be convincing the readers about the advantages or any other good quality of a person or a thing against another. Sometimes the comparison essays are written to educate the reader. A comparison essay discusses the similarities between two subjects. On the other hand, comparison and contrast essays show the similarities and differences between the two subjects. Students have to know well about the subjects that are compared, before writing a comparison essay.

Interesting Topics for Comparison Essays

Even if, the students are planning to buy essay online, they will have to specify the topic for the essay. Unless the assignment gives a very specific narrow topic, student will have to select his own topic. Try one of the following topics for your next essay.

• Compare the experience of watching a film on TV and watching it at a theater.
• Comparison between life near the sea and in a mountainous area
• Compare the student life in high-school and college
• Compare the hobbies of young people now and fifty years before
• Compare the benefits of investing in stocks and saving in fixed deposits

Thesis Statement for Comparison Essays

Depending on the subjects, a comparison essay can be vastly interesting, both for writing and reading. If written sincerely and with accurate information, comparison essays can be very helpful to the reader, as they make extensive research unnecessary. The introduction has to inform the reader about the two subjects that are being compared. Thesis statement has to give the stand of the writer after the comparison. This may take the form of which of the two subjects is recommended, good or useful. If the thesis is neutral and does not take a stand, it may not be of much use to the reader. Developing a thesis statement and writing an introduction for a comparison essay is relatively easy.

How to Collect Information for Comparing

The value of a comparison essay depends mainly on the accuracy and reliability of information used in comparing the two subjects. It is important that the comparison is balanced. If there is a lot of information available on one of the subjects and there is relatively very little information on the other subject, then the comparison cannot be balanced, and the essay may create an incorrect idea on both the subjects. Comparison is an advanced intellectual pursuit, and a comparison research paper can be written on advanced Philosophical, Scientific or Technical topics. An example is a comparison paper comparing a new method of storing electricity with traditional rechargeable batteries, using primary data on the two subjects.

Getting an A plus for the Comparison Essay

Getting an A plus for a comparison essay is not an easy job. It needs some research to find information on two subjects to compare. When faced with this challenging task, students can call for essay help from professionals. Ordering a custom essay from a reputed essay writing company such as will ensure the A plus you wished for.