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Entrance Essay

Tips To Write A Winning Entrance Essay

An entrance essay is often a mandatory written test to be enclosed with the application form submitted to educational institutions. It is used to test a prospective student before granting admission. The essay offers them a sample of how students could express themselves in writing. Their writing skills would indicate methods used to organize content and editing methods used. Originality is an important criterion that establishes whether a student is capable of thinking out of the box. Such students would be able to contribute positively towards growth of the study program. The essay would demonstrate focus towards achieving a goal and the maturity to have achieved the right qualifications before enrolling for the current program. Students would be well versed with the program and would have adequate basic knowledge about the subjects covered. Basically, the essay would help assessors find ideal candidates for the program. It is therefore very important that students prepare well to write an original and compelling essay. Some valuable tips that could provide them the right direction have been listed below.

  • Connect the topics offered for the entrance essay with personal experiences. For example, the topic could be “Write about a difficult situation you faced and how that changed your thinking.” Students could elaborate on a personal incident and explain the circumstances which changed their thinking. It would, however, be more compelling to connect an incident with subject matter covering a study program. Methods used to change the approach for the better would demonstrate maturity and adaptability on the part of students.
  • Make efforts to offer detailed information on the experience. It would not be possible for assessors to understand exactly how the incident changed the outlook of a student for the better unless they are offered details. Student must express themselves and connect with assessors personally. The exercise should be built up like a story. Content should be introduced clearly. It must be elaborated upon with evidence and reference material. The conclusion would summarize the details in a concise manner.
  • Demonstrate intelligence in the essay. To do this, quote examples that helped perform exceedingly well in a competitive atmosphere. It may or may not be related to academics. What is more important is to project a competitive spirit and a presence of mind that indicates to assessors that the candidate is intelligent.
  • Spelling mistakes and other grammatical errors would reflect poorly on the editing skills of a student. While compiling content for a competitive essay, students would have to read through it several times. They have to ensure it is error-free and written in an engaging style that reflects conviction and commitment. It is better to use simple language to get a message across.
  • Different institutes have their own requirements for an entrance essay. It could vary in terms of style of writing, topics, and presentation. Students must prepare well to fulfill all of these requirements. For instance, an MBA application essay might have specific instructions and formatting guidelines that students would have to incorporate in their essays. They would have to practice writing essays with the required guidelines. A good method would be to use college application essay prompts from sample essays.