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Essay – Anorexia

An essay – anorexia has to be a meticulous study of anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder that is recognized by affected persons having very low body weight. They generally tend to ignore tell-tales signs of low weight disorders and deny the fact that they are underweight. Undue focus is put on losing weight to the extent of 85% lower than that specified for a particular height and age. The
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR) and the World Health Organization’s International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD) have defined the meaning of anorexia and categorized them into two main types. One is restricting gain in weight using dieting, fasting, and excessive dieting, while the other is indulging in sessions of uncontrolled eating (binge eating) or purging by misusing laxatives, diuretics, and enema.

Anorexia is a major concern for people. The complexities that exist due to social, physical, and psychological problems generate conditions that induce affected persons to have an unrealistic obsession with the way they look. This leads to the very serious position where a person’s health, attitude towards others, and how they go about doing everyday activities are seriously threatened and doomed to fail. A well-researched essay – anorexia would suggest that around 74% of variations in anorexia were due to genetic factors. What this means is that genes affecting eating habits, personality, and emotion may be responsible it.

Any addiction is bad. If the body can bear with the extreme measure of starving to a limit of failing health, you can imagine the state of mind of the person. Anorexia is an addiction that leads to drastic changes in mind and body. The progression is slow but follows a definite path from being a normal person to a mental and physical catastrophe. The process begins by getting addicted to self-induced starvation. A research paper would establish that this leads to the body producing endorphins. The body gets used to this process and the person gets addicted to starving. Endorphins cause and induce behavioral and mental changes during the process and aggravate it further. It finally leads to severe anorexia.

An essay writing exercise would demonstrate that anorexia nervosa can affect males and females, though it is found more in women. It could prevail among people of different age groups, ethical and racial backgrounds. There is a general belief that men do not care too much about their bodies, while the reverse is very true about women. Modern day advertising has made dieting and using aids to reduce weight quite common among women. The very purpose of maintaining health by controlled diet is lost because of a greater need to look better than possible. The constant battering of the mindset of women has had its effects. Magazines, television and the internet have combined to show that men respond more positively to a woman who are slim and remain so throughout. This has put undue pressure on women. An essay – anorexia should strive to break the stranglehold that the media has had on a woman’s thoughts towards losing weight and tolerating anorexia.