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Writing an Effective Essay Conclusion

Essay Conclusion is as important as the Essay Introduction

Essay conclusion is a crucial part, because it is the last thing the reader encounters when reading the essay. Because the attention spans of most people are short, they remember mostly what is read in the last part of the essay. The impression left with the teacher or the examiner will affect the grade you get. Therefore, careful attention has to be given to the concluding paragraph or the final section of the essay. Learning how to write good conclusions ensures better grades for the essay assignments and examinations.

A good Conclusion is self contained

When writing the conclusion of an essay, writer should not expect the reader to go back and refer to the contents of the essay written before. The concluding paragraph has to stand alone and be self-contained. It should re-state the thesis, preferably in different words, and reiterate the evidences and arguments in the body paragraphs. Then, the conclusions drawn with the evidence and the arguments can be presented. If the author prefers he/she can show the significance of the facts, evidences and the conclusion reached after stating the conclusion. Students can get sample essays online and study how professional writers would have written essay conclusions.

Purpose served by the Concluding Paragraph

Knowing the purpose served by the Essay conclusion can help the students write good conclusions that leaves the readers with a better understanding of what they read, what the author wants to convey and a good impression on the author. The main purpose of conclusion is to end the essay logically, without abruptly leaving the reader to form his/her own opinions on the essay. Logically ending the essay with a hard impression of your main argument on the reader’s mind, achieves the real purpose of the essay.

There are things to avoid in Essay Conclusion

There are things that can negatively act on the overall effect the essay. They have to be avoided when writing the conclusion.
• Do not introduce new ideas in the conclusion paragraph. Conclusion flow naturally from the other parts of the essay.
• Do not repeat the introduction in the conclusion, even using other words. Conclusion has to reassert the main idea introduced as thesis in the introduction and show that you have supported your main argument in the body of the essay.
• Do not make blunt claims like “This proves…”, “I have proved…” or “This will solve….without doubt”. Make your claim in confidence but in a subtle way.
• Never make apologies, for the “mistakes… if any”, or “if I have missed….”.
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How the Students can get good Grades

Writing an excellent essay to get an “A plus” is not possible for every student. Students can call for help if they feel they cannot write an essay that gets the required grades. Good essay writing companies can help students to write their essays from selection of the topic to essay conclusion. Buying custom essays from a reputed firm such as is the safest and easiest way to get the grade you need, because the custom essays are written as per the requirements of the customer and are free of plagiarism.