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Essay Contest

How To Prepare For An Essay Contest

Taking part in an essay contest can be very rewarding in terms of learning about a topic that is relevant to society or education. Many institutions around the world have realized that contests bring out the best in students. It is also possible to participate in international contests by submitting an essay online. There are many important issues that concern the world at present. Well written essays on topics like unemployment, poverty, terrorism, and international treaties concern all countries of the world. It has become important for students to participate in efforts being made to eradicate the evils of the world by different governments in their own capacity and collectively. They must learn about modernization and the benefits it brings to their own country and to the world at large.

Many contests are held every year to introduce youngsters to an important issue. For example, the National Peace Essay Contest held by The United States Institute of Peace asked for an essay on governance, corruption, and conflict for the period 2010-2011. Every country has its own share of corruption and issues of concern. The percentage of corruption may vary, but the root cause of it all must be understood. Students could play an important role in eradicating it in the future. Students are encouraged to participate in the contest with cash prizes, including a $10,000 first prize.

The internet has been instrumental in bringing awareness among the youth about such issues. Imagine students sitting at remote computer stations thousands of miles away entering a contest of this sort and researching over the internet for content related to it. The amount of information available to them is truly mind boggling. Reference to content on similar topics written by experts in the field would expose students to the topic being analyzed.

The Fountainhead essay contest, organized by the Ayn Rand Institute (ARI), has been instrumental in motivating students to read the best seller novel The Fountainhead. Published in 1943, it was written by Ayn Rand and highlights the modern thinking of the main character Howard Roark. The institute has recognized the role Ayn Rand has played in promoting modern architecture. It is now trying to motivate teenagers into achieving great heights by reading the book and participating in the contest.

The role of an essay contest has been established. With most governments around the world making a conscious effort to educate the youth in matters of the world, students have been exposed to many international contests. Most institutions recognize the fact that youth across the globe may or may not have opportunities to participate in advanced studies. The contest, therefore, is open to all who wish to participate. An age limit is fixed to ensure that one who takes part in the contest is within the stipulated age group which would is normally between 18 to 25 years. Complex but transparent methods of assessment ensure that students would want to take part in such contests. Finalists are normally invited to a felicitation ceremony at the headquarters of the organizing institution. Also, essays are published in important publications, both online and offline.