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What is Your Essay Definition?

Essay Definition can vary widely depending on the Person Defining

Essay definition can be different depending on the source. The narrowest definition of essay is “a short piece of writing on a particular subject”, as appearing in Oxford Dictionary. Most common form of essay is written in prose. In practice, essays are regarded as short pieces of writing, though there are some exceptions like John Locke’s” An essay concerning human understanding”. In its broadest sense, definition of essay includes presenting an idea using other forms of arts like visual arts, music and photography. Knowing the different definitions of essay helps students to understand what is expected from an essay and how to write a good essay that is valued by the readers.

High School Essays and Essay Definition

Which is the definition that suits the essays written by students in the high school? The most appropriate definition is “A piece of writing, written from an author’s point of view”. When writing an essay the students can and should express their points of view on the topic of the essay. Students can use the essay, whatever the type of essay is, to express their points of views. This definition enlightens us to the difference between an essay and a research paper. In a research paper author has to find evidences to support the thesis of the paper, from original data acquired through empirical experiments, surveys and observations of his/her own or other reliable sources.

Broader Definitions

As per most of the essay definitions, general aim of an essay is to present an idea or a point of view. The medium of expression can be prose, verse, visual arts, photography or cinema.
Prose: most common form of essays is prose, and widely used for expressing ideas and opinions as well as an educational tool.
Verse: Essay in verse is a well recognized literary genre, used for a long time for expressing emotions.
Visual arts essay: Visual arts essay or a visual essay is a common thesis project for the student following Masters Degrees in Visual arts. Usually a visual essay is a series of sketches or paintings that expresses a theme, story or an emotion.
Music essay: A musical essay is a musical composition.
Photographic essay: Tells a story, appeals to emotions or expresses a point of view with a collection of photographs.
Cinematic essay: A cinematic essay is a film, which clearly carries the point of view of the film maker. The film maker’s ideas may be delivered like a narration.

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