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Essay Format Example

Essay Format Example

Writing an essay is one of the most popular assignments students perform all over the world. It needs some skills, patience and attention, though takes not much time. Before we will switch to essay format examples let’s discuss a kind of introduction to essay writing.

Also you can find more about some alternatives to writing an essay online.

Where to start?

Starting an essay, first decide about what you want to write. Pick a topic. More often than not a topic or the main issue is assigned by a mentor. But what to do if not? In this case you may take advice of your imagination. Think about your strengths and what you are good in: love reading books? – than write about your favorite book; love sports? – write about any of football clubs or a hockey team; wanderlust is your nature? – write about your last adventures or how you spent your previous weekend etc. The list is infinite. So, just set your mind free.

Despite all of the above you need to know how to write. It means to distinguish from among different types of essays you can pick.

Essay types:

narrative essays – refer to telling a tale about some events. It is like a story you retail. Here you must describe some points and show undeniable facts to make your tale meaningful.
descriptive essays – describe some events or things. Usually to write such an essay means to answer questions Why, Where, Of what, What kind of, When etc.
evaluation essays – show the price or the value of events, facts and thing you write about. Point why the issue you are writing about is important to others.
comparison essays – refer to putting on the scales different events, things, actions etc.
argumentative essays – stress your own position, point your meaning and show awareness in meanings of your opponents.

It is very important to remember that all types of essays require your personal and unique meaning. The best essays are custom essays. You are the master of your own world, albeit illusory.

After considering all essay types, we can finally look at an essay format example in particular. Usually essay format examples are rather common than different. Though there are some exceptions.

Essay is a writing piece written from author’s personal point of view. Basically, any essay doesn’t refer to a widely written story. It is rather short and in general consists of three parts.

Parts of an essay:

• introduction;
• body;
• conclusion.

The main purpose of writing an introduction is to attract reader’s attention. The better you will do that, the more you will get. Write about the importance of an issue or events you show in your essay. Point on some social arguments and explain that you are to shed some light on the matter. To interest a reader is what you need to do.

Body refers to the main part of an essay. You can divide it into several parts (commonly into three paragraphs):

• The first part of the body shows the main reason why you took a pen and started to write. It reveals the core of an essay.
• The second part smoothly appears from the first one, completes it and slightly leads a reader to the coda.
• The third (the last) part of the body expresses some basics, doesn’t reveal anything else but draws the line, leads to the end and flows into conclusions.

Conclusions show us the moral of a tale, summarize all of the above and raise some arguments. Finally, you stress some basic points and finish your essay.

All listed above shows basics of essay format example. There are no difficulties in writing essays. But, if you do have some troubles and wonder: “who can write essay for me?” just call for some help. Professionals are always ready to help you.

Have no time for writing – bye essay.