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Have you Got Any Brilliant Essay Ideas?

Essay Ideas are the Seeds that grow to be Great Essays

Essay IdeasEssay ideas give the necessary direction for the writer to start writing their essays. Like a seed that grows in to a fine tree, an essay idea will grow in to an excellent essay. But the writer of the essay has to provide inputs such as researched information, proper analyzing, structure and writing style and a proper essay argument for the final outcome to be of high quality. Presenting the idea to the reader in an eloquent and easy to understand fashion, so that he/she gets the message intended by the writer clearly is the sole purpose of writing an essay. It is important to remember that the grade earned by a student for an essay assignment largely depends on the essay idea he/she chooses for the essay.

Good Essay Ideas can help students to write good Essays

Without good Essay Ideas it is not possible for anybody to write a good essay. Knowing what makes a good essay idea helps students to select good essay topics that can be developed into great essays.

A good essay idea has to be:
• Interesting to the reader as well as to the writer
• Easy to be researched
• It should be debatable
• The idea has to be unusual
• Essay ideas should be suitable for the type of the essay required by the assignment
• Avoid controversial ideas for the essay assignments, unless you are required to do so

Where do the Essay Ideas come from?

Essay ideas are everywhere. Students have to be on the alert to notice an idea when it comes to mind like a lightning flash. The ideas can be noted down as and when they come to your head. When there is a list of several ideas, students can assess the suitability of the ideas and select the most viable idea. The chosen idea should be interesting for the readers, and should meet the assignment criteria. We should also check whether it is possible to find useful and interesting information on the selected idea.

The possible sources of essay ideas are

• Classroom discussions
• Textbooks
• Newspapers
• Magazines
• Trade journals
• News bulletins in TV, Radio etc.
• Search in the internet (Google, Wikipedia, Facebook etc.)

Developing an Idea into an Essay

Main purpose of searching for an essay idea is to write an essay or a research paper for the assignment. Once the essay idea is selected, a suitable topic has to be identified within the idea. Then a good thesis should be developed from the selected essay topic. The thesis statement needs to be expressed in a strong and concise manner. Students must research on the topic so that evidence and information pertaining to the thesis statement can be located. Next step is the writing of the essay using the information and data found in the research. Whole process of writing an essay starts with an essay idea and ends in presenting the finished submission copy or the assignment.

Professional Help to find good Essay Ideas

Most students take a long time to decide on an essay topic due to the lack of essay ideas or difficulty in choosing one idea from a heap of ideas. When faced with time constraints or difficulty in finding good essay topics clever students get essay help. Essay help can come from teachers, friends or from professional essay writing services. Students can / buy essays to be used as samples or they can buy custom essay online that meets the requirements of the assignment.