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Writing an Essay on Global Warming

Global warmingEssay On Global Warming Can take Many Approaches

An essay on global warming is a common writing assignment that many college students are expected to undertake. This is one of the major special issues being faced by the modern society and its impact is affecting the entire world. It is a topic that can be addressed in many ways and you will be able to write an outstanding essay by choosing a subject area that matches the writing style you choose. For example, it can be a controversial essay or a persuasive essay. You can also choose an informative essay style or a cause and effect essay. Therefore, make your choice according to essay instructions or as per your writing strengths if the choice is in your hand.

What is Global Warming and its Effects

Before beginning to write your essay, a proper awareness of the term, global warming should be acquired. It refers to the increase in the average atmospheric temperature of the earth. A number of natural disasters such as hurricanes, acid rains, floods and rise in sea level are all associated with rising temperature caused by global warming phenomena. Large scale emissions of toxic pollutant fumes from vehicles and other industrial manufacturing sources are seen as the main cause of global warming.

Facts and Figures to Support the Essay

This is an essay which needs a lot of evidence to support the body arguments or central thesis. The information should be from authentic sources and be up to date. You should not cite 2007 emission data for instance, as it will make the reader lose interest in the entire essay. As in writing a research paper essay, you must apply some sound researching from a wide variety of sources to complete the essay with good content. Since this is a current affairs topic, magazines, TV programs and other sources of information too are valid to be cited in the essay.

Topics to Discuss in the Essay

An essay on global warming can be written on a number of aspects. Here are just a few options that can be considered:

1. Do you understand the gravity of Global Warming – An informative essay topic.

2. Global Warming and Its Detrimental Impact on Earth – A Cause and Effect essay topic.

3. Maldives Islands will be No More by 2020, Thanks to Global Warming – A Controversial essay topic.

4. Why has USA not signed the Keyoto Protocol for curbing emissions? – An argumentative essay topic.

5. We can make our own individual contributions towards restricting Global Warming – a persuasive essay topic.

Help with Your Essay Writing

If you are not sure of how to handle your essay on global warming, then seeking custom essay writing help is a wise decision. However, you need to choose the right service provider to make sure that the outcome is of high quality. There are many online writing assistance companies but few are pioneers with a record of high reliability. Coursework-writing is one of the pioneers in the writing assistance field. If you have decided to buy essay online, then there is no better place to do so than our web site.