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Essay Writing Technique

Adapting To An Essay Writing Technique

An essay writing technique should help reduce the workload of a student. Many writers depend on spontaneity in their writing assignments. They do not stick to any particular technique but have over the years developed their own “formula” to sort out difficulties as and when they arise in an assignment. Academic writing does not always provide students the time to learn through trial and error. They have to devote their time to accomplish various mandatory assignments at school. Some of these writing assignments might be lengthy and complex. Coursework could decide a student’s grades at the end of the term. They have, therefore, to develop techniques that would save time, make essay writing enjoyable, and provide a solid foundation to take up complex writing assignments. Essay writing techniques should allow students to write a 500-word essay in less an hour. It may sound difficult at first, but it is definitely possible to do so as a matter of routine. How does one achieve this?

  • Let us take the example of a poetry review written as an essay. The word count has already been limited to 500 words. Students have to use their knowledge on the topic. Gather all relevant points or arguments that could be included in the essay. In a poetry review, these would include points of criticism and appreciation, and the writer’s own viewpoints on the author and poetry. The pattern would remain the same for all essays. The technique would vary slightly depending on whether students are attempting a personal, narrative, argumentative, or any other type of essay.
  • The basic technique of having an introduction, body of a few paragraphs, and a summary should never be ignored. Fortunately, students adapt themselves to this technique quite early in school and naturally attempt essays in this format.
  • An advanced essay writing technique students could use would be to form a template for their essay assignments are per requirements. The template would automatically contain basic elements of formatting such as spacing, alignment, style guide requirements, word count per page, and other formatting requirements. A template would save a lot of time, especially when students have to write dissertations and coursework that could extend to several pages.
  • Assignments should be attempted in a unique style of writing. Writers take a long time to develop their own unique method. Once acquired, it can make a big difference in boosting their confidence. Students would be doing themselves a world of good, if they develop their own optimum writing style. Some master this technique quite early while others may take more time to do so. A good way of finding out if one is on the right track is to constantly get essays reviewed by teachers, guides, friends, and fellow students.
  • The internet is a powerful medium that can help students master any writing technique. For instance, they can attempt online English language quizzes and exercises set up by online content providers. They could also get an assignment written by a professional academic writer. is a leader in this field. Their writers have spent many years mastering essay writing techniques needed to compile essays as per student requirements.